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taller internacional ISTANBUL

[ INFO MEETING 29 NOV | 13:30h | aula A1.1 ] 31 January - 3 February 2023 | Istanbul, Turkey
taller internacional ISTANBUL

sustainability, urban quality & urban transformation

participants: BAU Bahcesehir University, Istanbul | YEDITEPE , Istanbul | LA LLOTJA, Barcelona | ETSAB UPC

[ info meeting : 29 NOVEMBER at 13:30pm - classroom A1.1 ]

35 places for ETSAB students of:
GArq - Grau en Estudis d'Arquitectura
Màsters Universitaris àmbit Arquitectura

application deadline:   December 18, 2022
sent by email to:           relint.etsab@upc.edu
message subject:         taller ISTANBUL__NAME SURNAME
specifying:                     name | DNI | e-mail | current studies | level

Fee = 50 €. All activities carried out in English. Visa required.

This edition of BAU Winter Workshop will focus on different urban textures that make up the city of
Istanbul. Several former industrial sites will be visited to discover their urban layout by walking and observing carefully. Reading urban space and analysing the many present patterns will help the students, local and international alike, to understand specifities and identities.


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