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Termini presentació: 19 juny 2020

Two cash prizes of £1000 and up to ten awards of £300 for runners-up.

Deadline for entries: 17.00 (GMT) 19 June 2020.

The Drawing Matter Trust is delighted to announce the Drawing Matter Writing Prize. The competition invites a coming generation of writers to consider what drawings reveal about the process of design, and the buildings or objects they represent. We hope to make this an annual event.

Entries to the competition may approach drawing as shorthand for describing any process of design. In this context the word ‘drawing’ is as much a verb as a noun, implying that a purpose exists – perhaps a building or an object – for which it is being made. Certainly, the ‘drawing’ itself may be something other than paper and pencil, a plan or section; it may encompass a sequence or series (such as a sketchbook), and a broad range of techniques, such as collage, photography, models, paintings and, of course, digital media.

Designers or artists are welcome to submit an essay on a drawing of their own. If you are writing about your own work, we are interested in hearing about a specific approach to drawing that you have incorporated into your own practice.

Above all else, we want everybody to write about what they are seeing, and to consider the act of looking itself.