Vés al contingut (premeu Retorn)



Exposició virtual de dibuixos
Drawing by Béline Cossou

Urban notes* is an entertaining community activity, in which architecture students and in some cases, associations and neighbourhood groups share a pleasant moment, exchange visions and ideas about the place, and so bring architects into closer contact with residents. The teaching objective of the new subject is to present the methodologies of urban and architectural analysis through hand drawing (urban sketching) and other mixed techniques (hybrid drawing). Urban sketching allows students first to observe a reality, become aware of it and provide their own interpretations. It provides a channel for dialogue between participants to develop urban strategies.

Here, we present this second formal experience as an elective course for the ETSAB in the department of AR (Architectural representation), developed in Poblenou, in an area with many contrasts around “La Escocesa", “Can Ricart"; etc. As a final part of the workshop, our students have suggested an online exhibition using an Instagram account: @urbannotes_etsab. We kindly invite you to have a look:


*This work was coordinated by Prof. Bruno Seve and the department of AR (Architectural Representation), with the participation of Prof. Zaida Muxi, Arquitectxs de Cabecera (AC), Taula Eix Pere IV and bicihub.