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Information for Companies

If you are an enterprise/architecture office and you want to offer an internship for our students,

A Convenio de Cooperación Educativa is an agreement between a company, a student and the university to settle the conditions of an internship, which must fulfill these requirements:

  • Students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours/week along the academic year. Exceptions are periods between semesters: From 1st to 31st January and from June 1st to September 15th students can work 40h/week.
  • The internship must be remunerated. The minimum student salary settled by UPC is  8€/hour and the maximum is 20 €/hour.
  • The hosting company must pay to UPC 15.7% of the total student salary, in concept of management expenses. If the internship is to be realized in Spain, you should add a 21% of IVA
  • Only in case of an internship being realized in Spain, it is compulsory that the company register the student on the Spanish social security system (Seguridad Social) under a special status for trainees. The cost is approximately 42 €/month.