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Laser cut examples


Send a DXF file to  (AutoCAD command: dxfout) and rename to: lastname_name.dxf indicating the material, thickness and size of the sheets used. We don't accept documents on USB memory sticks.

  • We will respond as soon as possible within the budget and forecast time to do it. 

  • If you want to make your job with material from LABMAQ, we have sheets between 1 to 10 mm thickness and maximum size 1000x750 mm (ask for different materials).

  • If you want to make your job with your material you should bring a piece of the same material to be tested before.

  • When your cut will be done we will reply your email advising you to pick up your order.



  • First of all, draw the perimeter of the your material size in mm. (max 1150 x 900 mm so that it can fit into the machine)

  • Draw a 5 mm margin to inside all around the edge of the material. (The cutting area in a single process is max 980 x 800 mm). Objects must be within this range and measure the size in millimeters that you need for your model scale.

  • The line's thickness should be "by default".

  • Pieces perimeters should be POLYLINES to optimize your cut.

  • Blocks, patterns and texts must be exploted to convert them into lines.

    AutoCAD commands: _explode for blocks or frames, _txtexp for text.

    Rhino command "break down" for blocks or frames.

  • Duplicated lines must be erased.

    AutoCAD commands: _overkill.

    Rhino commands: 2D drawing file to cut, keeping layers.

  • Hidden lines will be cut as continuous lines.

  • Points will be recognized as circles.

  • We recommend a minimum separation between cutting lines >= 1 mm. Therefore, we are not responsible for those parts <1 mm thick that can easily be broken or twisted by heat.



  • All parts you want to cut in <5 mm thick materials must be attached with connectors 1mm wide. Connectors are interruptions of the cutting lines. This avoids small pieces to fall once cut and its possible damage by laser.



  • The drawing should be organized into the following layers

Layer Name




1 red

Material perimeter and security margin


2 yellow

Lines that will be graved over the material but not cut


3 green

Inside perimeters to be cut (windows, other kind of holes,...)


4 cyan

Outside perimeters to be cut


* Balsa wood only can be engraved if is thicker than 3mm

Template file in CAD for laser cutting