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Machine Service Appointment

How to make an appointment?

To make an appointment you should log in your Google UPC account ( or, or in a personal account if you are not an UPC student or UPC staff.
In case that you don’t have a Google account, please send a message to this e-mail to make an appointment:

The appointments are only for the available machines in the opened room LabMaq.

Due to the limited available space within the LabMaq, partner work is not allowed.

  • Hot wire cutter machine 1 (FC1)
  • Hot wire cutter machine 2 (FC2)
  • Big hot wire cutter machine (FCg)
  • Cutting zone (ZT) or Speed scroll saw (SV) or Disc saw (SD)
  • Band saw (SC)
  • Softbox (CL) to take your model pictures (size: 60x60x57cm)

Remind that the room where are saws and polishers machines will remain closed until future notice due to health protection.

The schedule of the appointments will be divided in 90 minutes sections, from 11 to 17h.
When you finish your work at LabMaq, you must clean the table, the chair and the machine that you used to guarantee a save and clean work space for the next user. The cleaning products will be provided by LabMaq.


Make an appointment(obriu en una finestra nova)