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  • LABMAQ workspace use is exclusive for ETSAB students and teachers.

  • The activities that will be done in the LABMAQ must be directly related to the ETSAB teaching and / or studies.

  • The presence in the LABMAQ workspace implies acceptance of these regulations, the indications of the LABMAQ staff about the instructions on using the machines and the use of personal protective equipment prescribed.

  • The LABMAQ do not assume any liability for accidents caused by non-compliance with the previous point.

  • Once the job is done with the machines, models must be assembled outside the LABMAQ space.



  • If it’s needed, LABMAQ staff will have priority in the use of the machines before students and teachers.

  • It is recommended to wear clothing (scarves, scarves, bracelets, ..) and hairstyles well gathered to avoid entrapments during the machines operation.

  • There can be only one person at each machine.

  • You must read the instructions before using each machine. In case of doubt consult the LABMAQ staff.

  • You must clean the space and the used tools at the end of the work. The rest of materials must be thrown to the bins.

  • It’s not allowed to paint inside the LABMAQ workspace.

  • Other activities not directly related to the development of models such as eating, drinking, talking on the phone...) are not allowed.

  • The LABMAQ is not responsible of forgotten personal belongings .

  • Any inappropriate behavior or violation of the rules will be reason for expulsion.


  • LABMAQ tools LOAN is exclusive for ETSAB students and teachers.UPC card must be left at the counter for the loan. The responsibility is unitary and non-transferable.

  • The loan is limited to one hour and two tools simultaneously. Can be repeated during the same day if available. At the end of the day all tools should be returned.

  • Borrowed tools will be used exclusively within the LABMAQ workspace.

  • Tools must be returned in the same conditions as at the time of the loan. If bits or saw blades are broken or fungible spare parts such as glass paper or cutting discs are expended at all because of intensive use, its cost will be charged according to the prices.

  • In case of lost or unusable tools, the user should replace it by another equal or similar or pay the cost.



  • Work should be sent by e-mail following the specific instructions for each case.

  • Execution order of the works will be in strict arrival order by e-mail.

  • Students will be warned by e-mail when the job is done.

* Any other situation will be decided by LABMAQ manager criteria.