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Classroom: equipment and reservation

Hour Occupation

Schedules with the teaching occupation of the classrooms and presentation rooms, synchronized and automatically updated:

Daily occupancy

Occupancy per classroom



Description of the equipment of all classrooms, grouped by building:

Classroom equipment (Intranet PDI / PAS)


Classroom reservation (Teaching staff)

The Subjects coordinators can book spaces for teaching, taking this into account:
  • Remember the ETSAB COVID Measures on use of spaces and others.
  • During the  First Year academic weeks no indoor classroom in the Segarra building can be reserved for teaching the other levels, but classrooms C-B1, C-B2, C-B3 and C-B4 can be reserved.
  • The itinerant weeks of the rest of levels the course of each week will have priority and, only exceptionally, empty classrooms could be reserved for other courses, always depending on availability.
  • Outdoor Classrooms could always be reserved
Requests by web application available soon. Until then, use the email, indicating:
  • Requested space
  • Date, time and duration
  • Name of the academic stuff that will attend the session
  • Subject and group
  • List of summoned students

School Map 

School map where the teaching spaces, the management and service spaces, and the research and management spaces of the departments are identified:

School Map