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Degree and Master’s Office

Academic management area: Degree and Master’s Office

Head of the Area: Elisa Capellades Sánchez



Maria Antonia Garcia Garcia (Head of the Office)                            


Encarnación Bayona Hurtado

Ana Maria Febrer Ramos

Lluis Ferrer Belles

Mercedes Ferrer Ugalde

Laura Galtes Mateu

Raquel Olive Fernandez

Natalia Sogas Riera

Lena Sostres Raurich



Internal Location (only for UPC staff):

ETS Arquitectura de Barcelona

Secretaria de Grau i Màster

Edifici A, Planta 1

Campus Sud

Current opening hours:

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Contact information:


telephone: +34 93 401 6359






ETS Arquitectura de Barcelona

Secretaria de Grau i Màster

Av. Diagonal, 649-651



Our mission:

We support the school's governing boards in the preparation, verification, supervision and certification of the programmes taught at the school, as well as in the processes of evaluation, improvement and quality of teaching.

We plan the organisation of the teaching of the degrees, in line with the criteria of the school's governing and management boards.

We manage the student's record from the moment of access to studies until the degree is obtained and awarded: access and admission, enrolment, assessment, certificates, etc.

We provide assistance, information and guidance to students and Teaching and Research Staff.

We plan and prepare the calls for final thesis examining boards.