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Basic rules of use

1. The resources (computers, software, multimedia devices, etc.) of the ETSAB IT Service —STIC— serve to support the teaching and administrative tasks of the Barcelona School of Architecture —ETSAB—, and to support the research of the departments involved in the teaching of the degrees taught at the school.

2. All students, teaching staff, and administrative and service staff assigned to the ETSAB may apply for access to STIC resources. Students must be enrolled in the ETSAB and their authorization must be renewed each academic year.

3. The computers and multimedia equipment of the computer lab is subject to such variations as the STIC deems appropriate. People will not have the right to use specific equipment or to reserve it. The use of equipment will require the presence of the user.

4. The user will be solely responsible for the information residing in their work area and for the actions taken from their account.

5. Users may not use the IT resources of the STIC for private, commercial or professional tasks. Carrying out teaching exercises will have absolute priority over Internet access, which will be limited to the existence of unused computers. Under no circumstances may the equipment be used for the execution of games.

6. Users may not modify the configurations (software or hardware) of the equipment, or make new installations (software or hardware) without the express authorization of the person in charge of the STIC.

7. Users do not acquire any ownership or copy rights over the programs installed on the computers.

8. Users may not interfere with the normal operation of computers, or spread viruses or other harmful programs to computers, information stored on them or communications links.

9. Users will be able to access the computer lab during the current hours as ACCESS HOURS. In order to respect this schedule, people will have to take the necessary precautions to release the equipment at the set times. The ETSAB IT Service will not provide out-of-hours service.

10. Computer room is a space intended for study in group, and an attitude must be maintained that does not impede the work or concentration of other users. In computer labs you are not allowed to EAT or DRINK.

11. The ETSAB IT Service trusts that computer equipment is used responsibly and measuredly. Any irregularity on the part of the users will give rise to temporary or definitive restrictions in the use of the systems, being able to arrive to opening proceedings.

12. Users expressly agrees to comply with the rules governing the operation of the STIC and to submit to the sanctions imposed in case of non-compliance.

June 2022