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Classrooms and Study rooms

Teaching classrooms

All of the ETSAB teaching classrooms are equipped with a computer for the teacher, connected to the projection system (VGA or HDMI video signal and audio) and have internet access and Eduroam WiFi coverage.

Teacher's computer has installed the basic and specific software in the field of architecture.

Classrooms A-S2 and A-S3 (Located in building A, floor S1) are enabled for teaching with laptops..


  • Classroom teaching hours are published every six months, you can check them following this link.
  • Eventually, the teaching staff may make extraordinary reservations for class hours, requesting them to the Academic Management area ().


Computer lab for practices

Computers of the lab A-S1 (located in building A, floor S1) can only be used by the ETSAB comunity (students, teaching staff and service staff), to carry out departamental research work, exercises of the subjects of the different degrees and management support tasks.

Terms of use

  • The use of the lab will be prioritized to carry out the compulsory practices.
  • It is not allowed to install any additional software or modify the configuration of the computers.
  • Files and documents must be saved on an external USB stick. Anything that is not saved in one of this locations will be lost when you restart the session without any possibility of recovery.
  • Access to the practice lab is regulated by the ETSAB IT Service hours. During exam periods, the lab may be reserved for teaching use exclusively.
  • You must follow the basic rules of use of the ETSAB IT Service.

Study rooms

Study rooms are spaces intended for group study, therefore it is necessary to maintain an attitude that does not impede to work or concentrate the rest of the users. All rooms have Eduroam WiFi coverage and sockets for laptops and other devices.

  • Sixth room (building A, floor 6)
  • Rooms A, B and Z (building C, floor S1 )
  • Room M, intended to models construction  (building C, floor S1)