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Internet Access

The school has internet access in all the common areas of the Segarra and Coderch buildings (study rooms, classrooms, assembly hall, corridors, Coderch terrace, lobby...).

You can also use the library computers to access the internet, within the current library hours.

In practice room and study rooms, internet access is always available, prioritized to the UPC community, to access to Bibliotècnica, UPC School's websites and the mails service that the university offers to all the students.

In the Computer Lab Practice room you can access the internet, always for exclusively academic purposes.

Students are reminded of the commitment made explicitly when they enroll:

This rooms are intended for group study and must be maintained an attitude that does not impede the work or concentration of the rest of the users

Types of network


The main objective of this initiative is to facilitate the mobility of researchers and students from all over the world. The name Eduroam is an acronym for EDUcational ROAMing and began with 4 countries in northern Europe in 2003 expanding globally, currently being present in more than 70 countries. It is a WiFi internet access that allows you to connect the network with the credentials of your center of origin in any other center that is part of the initiative. It is a fully encrypted connection that requires the installation of a secure client program and, once configured, it connects automatically.

Eduroam connection manual (in Catalan)



Network available for people who are visiting the UPC and do not have a username to access the Eduroam network. When accessing this network for the first time, a web is displayed where it is necessary to register by means of an email and a mobile number. Once done, you will receive an SMS with a code that will allow you to connect to this network.

UPCGuest connection manual (in Catalan) — PDF

More information about the available networks(obriu en una finestra nova)