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Resource guide for teaching staff



From the ETSAB IT Service we want to help teachers with a small information guide that we find useful for carrying out the teaching activity. For this, we have compiled a set of applications, gadgets and services that may be of your interest.



UPC software distribution agreements

The UPC has different software distribution agreements aimed at all teaching staff and also all its students, with current enrollment.

In ordert to access, go to Acords de distribució de programari per a l'estudiantat i professorat (only in catalan)

The UPC also has agreements with different developers for the purchase of licenses at special prices.
You can find them here: Acords per a compres de llicències (only in catalan)


Classroom Resources

The school classrooms are equipped with audiovisual systems through which you can project audio and video. Specifically, you have a PC connected to a projector, a speaker system and the possibility of connecting your laptop or other devices to project images or sound.

You can check all the equipment in the classrooms with the infoAules application.

Classroom EA-61

This classroom is a particular case, it is equipped with an interactive screen instead of the audiovisual systems installed in the rest of the school's classrooms.

In this manual you have the basic guide for its use: Manual_pantalla_i3Studio.pdf (only in catalan)

Video recording

The Oriol Bohigas Library Factoria - ETSAB offers you advice on the creation of multimedia material, such as video recording and editing (with power point files, microvideos), material scanning (slides) or image retouching. You can also receive training in basic video editing tools, in small groups, for students and teaching staff.

Access to: Recording service


Mobile device projection 

You also have the possibility of projecting your mobile device screen, so that you can see the content of the screen projected in the classrooms.

Links: Manual de proyección para AndroidManual de proyección para Apple


Interactive tests

You can take surveys during a class with online programs, without having to install any type of software. For example:

PollEverywhere – It allows you to carry out tests of different types that students answer through their devices. It allows you to insert these tests into PowerPoint presentations too – Guía rápida PollEverywhere

Kahoot – You can perform question and answer tests in a simple and very visual way – Guía rápida Kahoot


Personal accessories not included in the classroom equipment

We recommend that the teacher to have the following accessories available in the case of using mobile devices or if they have to use a microphone support regularly in ordinary classrooms. We indicate the accessories that teachers normally use and their approximate cost.


hdmi_vga_90.png mac_vga_120.png micro_diadema_100.png micro_amb_altaveu.jpg laser2_100.png usb_100.png




(Price around 8€)


Apple Thunderbolt - VGA Adapter 

(Price aroud 40€)

Wireless Microphone

(Price around 20€)

Portable speaker Microphone

(Price around 25€)

Laser pointer

(Price around 20€)


(Price around 8€)