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Discontinued students

Due to extinction of the PhD curriculum (RD 778/98 and RD 1393/2007)

Doctoral students discontinued by extinction of its curriculum who wish to return to the doctorate, may reapply for admission and recognition of previous studies to the Academic committee, in order be admitted to the program governed by RD 99/2011. Students must make a new pre enrolment procedure.  Pre enrollment

It is desirable to attach a report by the thesis supervisors (free format) on the evolution of the thesis and the probable date for reading, so that the Academic Committee of the program has elements to decide on the readmission. In the event of readmission, the Committee will also indicate if the student must submit a new “research plan” (former “thesis project” or “thesis proposal”) or if the previous project is validated. 

If the doctoral candidate proposes a change in the thesis supervisors or if the enrollment had been discontinued, he/she will need to submit a new  Commitment document, as follows:


In case of incorporation of a new thesis supervisor, you will not be able to deposit the thesis until one year has elapsed, after the allocation of the new supervisor.

Readmission to the doctoral studies is not automatic and depends on the decision of the Academic Committee. Also, the candidate should hold the degree of access required by the curriculum regulated by RD 99/2011.

Due to the lack of annual enrollment (students following the curriculum RD 99/2011)

The lack of registration for the “thesis tutorial”, during one or more courses, leads to the discontinuing of the program. To be readmitted to PhD program, doctoral students must make a new pre enrolment procedure. In this online platform, they should upload a report, in free format, backed up by its thesis supervisors. At this report, the supervisors should agree with the readmission and manifest that they are willing to continue with the supervision of this doctoral thesis. The Academic Committee will decide, later.

 Pre enrollment

Note about the doctoral program in Architectural Design

The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program in Architectural Design have a very restrictive internal regulation with regard to readmissions, so it is necessary to consult with your thesis supervisors on this topic.