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Old students

Enrollment procedure

You should make a self-enrollment of the annual “thesis tutorial”, through your e-Secretaria.   You should only enroll the TUTORSHIP, nothing else. 

The self-enrollment will be only available at your e-Secretaria during the "enrollment dates". If you don’t see it there, it is probably something on your academic file that may have to be solved. For example, you cannot enroll if you have not been evaluated the previous year by your thesis supervisor. If this is the case, contact her/him.  You can check your evaluation at your e-Secretaria in real-time.

First you need to go to the s-Secretaria section "Enrolment/Self-enrolment". After enrolment, you can pay in the section "Forms and payments"

Please, contact us to, if you need any clarifications about this procedure, during the enrollment period.

Enrollment dates course 2022-23

From 4th to 7th October 2022

Complementary coursesIf a doctoral student must attend additional courses (in masters’ subjects), he/she must consult the period of enrollment for the master program. Please check the master’s offer and enrollment period.

Academic year and enrollments

Enrollment fees

Important, check also:

PhD Activity Report (starting after enrollment)

Research Plan. (to be submitted during the firs year)



After enrollment, if you want to perform some request related to your studies, you can do it through your e-Secretaria.  There, you can also see your academic file. You are required to keep your email address updated.

To access to e-Secretaria, you must log in with an user name and password. New students will receive specific instructions by email, within 24 hours after enrollment. 

In case that you forgot your credentials, you can recover them here: credentials.

If this procedure doesn’t work for you, please contact:

Àtic (user’s service)

By phone +34 93 401 62 13

By email: