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Enrolment process (july)

(Only for regular students. The incoming students can check this link out ).

Before the enrolment

New access students:

Login e-secretaria following the instruction of the welcome messages that you will receive. From e-secretaria you can update your personal information, enter banking details and print the payment order that you must submit the enrolment day if you want to address and/or split the payment. More information here.

The rest of students:

  • If you have some type of discount that is not reflected in e-secretary or expires before the enrolment period, you must submit the corresponding justification in the secretariat of the school before July 12th.
  • If you want to ask for a grant, follow the next steps in the field Aids and grants on this same page. 
  • You can pick up the UPC folder at the Consierge.
  • Consult the academic information about the course to prepare the enrollment: calendar, schedule, offers, exam schedule and teaching guide on the web of the school
  • Check your enrollment potential through e-secretaria, it means, Subjects that you can register the following courses from July 15th.
  • Check the order of enrollment that you have assigned from July 15th.

During the enrolment

New access students:

The enrollment of new access is in person, therefore on the day indicated, you must present yourself at the school to formalize the enrollment or delegate in any other person who will formalize the process for the student. Pick up the folder in concierge and follow the indications of the posters.

You must submit the following documentation:

  • Copy of your DNI or identity document (only for  foreign students)
  • Accrediting document of the discount of public prices (numerous family card if come from out of Catalonia, high school honor enrollment, credential of the scholarship holder if come from out of Catalonia...).
  • Document of payment of the transfer rights, if you change of studies or if you have done the selective test of the UNED. remember that if you decide to transfer from a UPC center you must request in the secretariat of the center of origin the transfer to Degree in Architecture Studies to the ETSAB. The transfer request between centers of the UPC has not associated fee.
  • Domiciling order of payment completed from e-secretaria, printed and signed by the account holder and the student if wants to domicile and/or divide the import of your enrollment. To obtain information about the price of the studies, the applicable discounts and the payment options of the registration you can access the website on Academic Management Services of the UPC.
  • Once formalized the enrollment you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the indications that you will find in the school for processing and pick up in the same moment you UPC carnet. The processing of the carnet must be done personally by the student and only can be delivered to the titular person. If you authorize someone to enroll you will need to update your photo from the e-secretary in order to receive your carnet by postal mail.

The rest of students:

  • You must enroll via e-secretaria.
  • You can enroll starting from the day and hour indicated in the enrollment order at any time and until the last enrollment day.
  • Before or simultaneously with the enrollment you will be able to consult the available places of the groups of the subjects in e-secretaria.
  • The registration form you can consult or print whenever you want from e-secretaria.
  • If you pay in cash, you must print the enrollment form to be able to pay in the bank or you must make the payment from e-secretaria with credit or debit card. Remember that you have a period of five days to do so.
  • To make payments domiciled, divided (or if you request a scholarship) it is imperative to deliver to the university, before the enrollment, A domiciled order signed by the account holder and the student. Follow the instruction on the web Academic Management Service of the UPC.
  • You can pick up the folder of UPC in concierge in the school.
  • If you have any doubts you can call us on the phone 93 401 63 59. Or send us an email to

La Generalitat de Catalunya has enabled a website where it is informed about the system of public prices.

Last updated, July 2019