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Below you will find some practical information on the procedures to be carried out before enrolling in the ETSAB:
  • Once you have passed the admission process, you will receive a notification through the pre-enrolment application as your admission to the selected studies has been accepted. From that moment, for any question or request, please, do not send a message throuth the pre-enrolment application. You can contact us face-to-face, by phone or by  


  • When you receive the notification, you must ACCEPT the admission through the pre-enrolment application. If you do not click on the acceptation button, the admission is not formalized and your place is not confirmed.
  • Successful applicants must accept the place in the pre-enrolment application and pay €300, following the instructions given in the form they will have received by e-mail. This amount will be deducted from the enrolment fee when you officially enrol, but if you do not enrol you will not be entitled to a refund unless the master’s degree is cancelled.
  • The admission will be conditional, until the registration, when the original documentation and all the data contributed, could be verified.
  •  If you need an admission letter to carry out a procedure (application for grants abroad, visas ...) you can request it by 


On July all information for the registration of the course will be published (academic calendar, exams calendar, schedules, educational guides, regulations, dates and conditions ...). Check it out to prepare your enrolment in the ETSAB.