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Acces and admission

Admission profile

The student who wants to study the Universitary Master in Landscape, must gather aptitudes or general and specific skills, acquired, as general rule, after overcome any of the next degrees:

  1. Architectural Studies Degree by the UPC or equivalent curriculum of previous planning of those established in the Real Decreto (Royal Decree) 1393/2007, October 29th.
  2. Agricultural, Environmental & Landscape Engineering Degree by the UPC or equivalent curriculum of previous planning of those established in the same Real Decreto (Royal Decree).
  3. Agricultural Engineering by the UPC or equivalent curriculum of previous planning of those established in the same Real Decreto (Royal Decree).
  4. On an exceptional basis, other access profiles are also considered: master studies of the scope of biology, environment, geology, engineering geomatics and topography, geological engineering or civil engineering. In any of them, the Master's Academic Committee will evaluate the suitability of the candidacy and the presentation of his motivations and will establish if is necessary to pass a previous complementary formation (*).
  5. Finally, is defined as an admission profile that enable the access to this master all those studies in architecture, civil or edification engineering, agriculture, environmental sciences, of landscape or similar, obtained outside the Spanish state. In that case, the Master's Academic Committee will verify if access competences are fulfilled and will be able to establish the need of passing specific complementary formation (*).

(*) In case of having to study specific complementary formation in the degree (whether in the scope of architecture or agriculture), may not be more than 15 ECTS. Passing this additional training will be a necessary condition to access the Universitary Master in Landscape, it means, the outcome of the Master's Academic Committee will have binding nature to the access.



Admission, selection and access

The students will be able to access the Universitary Master in Landscape as long as the studies that constitute their admission profile are proved and admitted by the ETSAB, according to the specific admission requirements and valuation criteria of merits specified bellow:



The minimum documentation to be provided by the student must include:

  • Degree of the studies that give access to the Master and transcript of records
  • Certificate of average scores equivalence of university studies in foreign centers of the Ministerio de Educacion, Cultura y Deporte. It is an online and free procedure. More information in the MECD website
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Fullfilled form designed by ETSAB PDF
  • Portfolio
  • Grants awarded
  • B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or equivalent (Spanish, for those candidates from no Spanish-speaking countries, and English if it is not native tongue)

If you want to apply for one of the places of the exchange program EMiLA, you also have to provide:

  1. ETSAB EMiLA Form PDF(obriu en una finestra nova)
    you have to choose a school for each semester, indicating order of preference.
  2. Official language Certificates of the level asked in the destination school.  At least you have to present the certificates of the schools asked for the spring semester.
  3. Motivation letter
    you can write one for every school you're asking for

 Please remember that the admission to the MBLandArch doesn't means an automatically admission to the EMiLA program. For information of 2018-19 EMiLA announcement, you can check out at site of the ETSAB's International Relations Office.




The acceptance of the admitted students will be settled by the Master's Academic Committee, which will prepare a report of the admission binding report and necessary complementary formation credits, if appropriate.

If the application number of admissions exceeds maxim offered places, the ETSAB will prioritize requests based on the grade point average of applicants and the assessment of the additional documents listed. The valuation of the transcript will ponder a 50% and the additional documentation the other 50%.

In addition to a personal notification on the online pre-enrolment form, the School will publish an admission list through this website.

Resolution of the master's degree pre-enrolment process


Applications for admission to the program must be done online using the pre-enrolment form. All documents requested above must be included only through this application. Students who are admitted at the time of enrolment must submit the original of the degree and academic records. Those issued abroad must be duly translated and legalized, when necessary.

See the information page on legalization of foreign documents Web (Spanish).


New Online pre-enrolment period for the academic year 2018-19 from 5th to 7th of September 2018