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PhD Office

Academic management area: PhD Office

Head of the Area: Elisa Capellades Sánchez




Maria Teresa Salceda Salceda (Head of the Office)


Imma Branchat Tigel

Lluis Ferrer Belles





Internal Location (only for UPC staff):

ETS Arquitectura de Barcelona

Secretaria de Doctorat

Edifici A, Planta 1

Campus Sud


Current opening hours:

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Contact information:


telephone: +34 93 401 1875





ETS Arquitectura de Barcelona

Secretaria de Doctorat

Av. Diagonal, 649-651


Our mission:

We support the coordinators and academic committees of the doctoral programmes.

We manage the doctoral student's record from the moment of access to the studies until the doctoral degree is obtained and awarded: access and admission, enrolment, assessment, certifications, etc.

We manage the doctoral thesis reading process and provide support to the examining board.

We provide assistance, information and support to doctoral students and Teaching and Research Staff.