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Documentation to be submitted

Academic year 2021-22


You must submit the following documentation, before enrolment and confirm it by 20 September (if it involves any changes in the final financial settlement) and/or after enrolment and always by 29 October, to the ETSAB Secretary's Office (otherwise, the UPC Academic Management Service will issue a resolution temporarily suspending the student's academic record until the required documentation is submitted)

You can deliver the documentation in person at the Etsab's Office, by an authorized person or by post or courier.

New students

  • Depending on the home university 

    • ETSAB graduates do not have to submit any documentation.


    • Graduates from other UPC schools will have to submit a copy of their identity card (DNI, NIE or Passport) by October 29th.
    • Graduates from other Spanish universities must submit to the ETSAB Office by October 29th:
          1. Photocopy of identity card (DNI, NIE or Passport)
          2. Original and photocopy of the diploma (or certified photocopy) of the diploma or certificate of payment of the issuing fees.
          3. Transcript of records (original or certified photocopy) showing the subjects taken with the grades and the number of credits/hours for each of the subjects and the overall average grade.
    • Graduates from a foreign university must hand in by October 29th at the ETSAB Office::
          1. Photocopy of identity card (DNI, NIE or Passport)
          2. Original and photocopy of the diploma (or certified photocopy) of the diploma or certificate of payment of the issuing fees (legalized through diplomatic channels if it corresponds) and officially translated into Catalan or Spanish.
          3. Transcript of records (original or certified photocopy) showing the subjects taken with the grades and the number of credits/hours for each of the subjects and the overall average grade. (legalized through diplomatic channels if it corresponds) and officially translated into Catalan or Spanish.
          4. Certificate of equivalence of average grades from university studies carried out in foreign centers issued by the Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional, signeby the student.The request has to be made through the website of the ministry MEFP where all the information can be found. To resolve any doubts or queries about issuing the document, please contact the Ministry directly. The procedure is online and free of charge.


If you choose to mail the documents, if the documents are not originals, the copies must be authenticated.


All students entitled to discounts (new access and previously registered, nationals or residents)

  • Depending on the discounts you are eligible for

    • Large family card:
      • If you are a UPC student and have applied for your card in Catalonia, it is not necessary to hand in your documents. Please check with the e-secretaria that the information is correct. If you are three brothers or sisters and it is not recorded in the system, send us a copy of your family card so that we can correct it (in Catalonia, the validity of large family cards that have expired or are due to expire between 1 November 2019 and 31 May 2020 is extended by one year and those that expire between 1 June and 31 October 2020 by six months).
      • f you have applied outside Catalonia or you come from another university, you will need to send us your documents before registration so that you can take advantage of the discount. You can scan it and send it to with the subject "matrícula màster - descompte/carnet FN" - and you will need to go to the Etsab's Office to show us the original before 30 September (if the card has expired and the Autonomous Region has provided for measures to extend its validity, you will need to present proof of this).
    • The following discounts must be received in person or by postal mail at the Etsab's Office before registration in order for the discount to apply. Supporting documents cannot be sent by e-mail as they contain sensitive data
        • Degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%: Delivery of a certificate from the Catalan Institute of Social Assistance and Services or equivalent organization in the rest of the Spanish Autonomous Communities
        • Being a victim, spouse, son or daughter of a victim of terrorist acts: Photocopy of the administrative resolution that establishes this condition. Sons, daughters and spouses must also provide the family book.
        • Being a victim of gender violence, or dependent son or daughter: The documents proving the situation, according to the price decree, and the family book in the case of children.
For more information on discounts, prices, scholarships and payment methods, consult the website of the Servei de Gestió Acadèmica de la UPC.
If you have any doubts, you can call us at (34) 93 401 63 59 or send us an e-mail to


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