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GArqEtsab Degree in Architecture Studies (Curriculum 2014)

The GArqEtsaB is the 5 years Degree in Arquitecture Studies that grants the formation as a professional. The basis of the teaching is centred around the Architectural project with knowledge about the history and theories about architecture, urbanism and planning, research methods and graphic representation, as well as the structural, construction and engineering design problems related with buildings. The formation qualifies the students so they may integrate in the architectural productive activity, develop projects that fulfill the aesthetic and current technical requirements and the applications of the contemporary society and city. The courses of the GArqEtsaB combine workshop methodologies with master class and the student's work holds the central axis of the Degree learning process.

The overcoming of the Degree in Architecture Studies, allows acces to the MArqEtsaB, which entitles to pursue the profession of Architect.