International Office Contact

Head of the Area

Alicia García del Blanco


María Ruiz Gracia
Lluis Cendros Calero
Danna Giselle Cáceres (collaborator)
Valeria Aristizábal (collaborator)


Tel: +34 93 401 6345
Building DSA (ETSAB), P1

ETS Arquitectura de Barcelona
Oficina de Relacions Internacionals
Av. Diagonal, 649-651
08028 Barcelona

Our mission

We promote the internationalization of studies and the relationship with other academic institutions around the world.

We manage the mobility of our students, offering them the possibility to study at another school within the framework of academic mobility programs and other exchange agreements. In the same way, we manage the mobility of the students we host at the school, within the framework of these programs and agreements, as well as visiting students.

We carry out the admission, enrollment and assessment processes for participating students.

We provide advice and support for PDI mobility within the framework of calls for proposals and exchange agreements.

We take care of queries, information and support for students, the PDI and partner academic institutions.

We support the dissemination, organization and deployment of activities of the international workshops in which the school participates.