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Doctoral studies of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) are regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, which governs official doctoral studies in Spain.

Here you can consult our Internal quality assurance system

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AQU Catalunya reviews Catalan university degree courses, faculties and schools and assures the quality and continuous enhancement of degree courses. This Agency  is registered in EQAR, a quality assurance framework for the European Higher Education Area EHEA.

Academic and organizational information

Our PhD programs belong to the “Architecture, Urbanism and Construction” area. You can consult the academic and organizational details, accessing the following links of our Doctoral School::

Doctoral degree in Architectural Design
Doctoral degree in Architectural, Building Construction and Urbanism Technology 
Doctoral degree in Architectural, Civil and Urban Heritage and Refurbishment of Existing Buildings
Doctoral degree in Architecture, Energy and Environment
Doctoral degree in Theory and History of Architecture
Doctoral degree in Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation

Doctoral degree in Urbanism


The Doctorate Degree grants an official university formation, whose purpose is the acquisition of the competences and abilities related to high-level scientific research. The activities and research are carried out under the direction of the assigned thesis’ director. It does not include credits, nor formal education. 

Research plan

During the first academic year a “Research plan” must be submitted, which is evaluated by a jury of three doctors who are experts in the field. Passing this evaluation allows the doctoral student to elaborate the Doctoral Thesis.

PhD thesis

The doctorate program culminates with the completion of the Doctoral thesis, which is an original piece of research carried out by the doctoral student in any of the disciplines of the PhD program. The UPC establishes mechanisms to monitor the thesis work, as well as to ensure the quality and guarantee the commitment of the PhD student. As a final action, the doctoral candidate must defend it publicly to a panel of examiners who are experts on the topic. The panel is composed by three or five members, at the discretion of the Academic Committee of the program. Most of the examiners on this panel must be external to the UPC.

Doctor’s Degree

The passing of the Doctoral Thesis leads to obtain the title of “Doctor by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya”. It has official validity throughout the Spanish’ national territory and the European Higher Education Area. It has full academic effects and qualifies the holder for teaching and research, in accordance with what is established in the legal provisions.

Grading system

Doctoral grading is descriptive, not numeric and the activities are evaluated annually by the thesis supervisor, with the grading of "Satisfactory" or "Not satisfactory".


The languages of instruction, among others, are Catalan, Spanish or English, after agreement with the assigned director.

Tuition fee

Health insurance

Students aged less than 28 years have school insurance, which covers only school’s accidents during the first year of the enrolment.  Medical assistance and prescriptions are included from the second year on.  Older students do not have any insurance covered by the enrolment fee.