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Open doors

2022 ETSAB open days (Catalan and Spanish)

This year, three Open Doors sessions have been scheduled, in which information will be given on the ETSAB studies: Degree in Architectural Studies and Degree in Landscaping. These are the dates:

  • EtsaB-JPO from February 16 (Wednesday) from 4 to 5 pm - Virtual (registration closed)
  • EtsaB-JPO from April 30 (Saturday) from 12 to 1 pm - Virtual
  • EtsaB-JPO from May 18 (Wednesday) from 4 to 5 pm - Face-to-face

To attend the session that suits you best, you must pre-register in the form that you will find by clicking this link.

The link to connect to the virtual sessions will be notified to registrants well in advance.

By accessing each of the sessions, you give your consent to the UPC for the processing of personal data, as described in the table of basic data protection information that you will find by clicking this link.  

For more information you can write an email to: en una finestra nova) . You can also consult below presentations of the historic Open Days at the School (Catalan and Spanish)


2022 ETSAB open days presentations (Catalan and Spanish)


Open Day - February 2021 (Session held online) 


Open Day - June 2020 (Online Session)


Open Day - April 2020 (Session held online)