Space reserved for members of the school, students, teaching staff and administration and services staff, to access different services.
Each intranet is aimed at specific groups; therefore, a community member may not have access to some intranets.


School intranets (ETSAB)

Access to intranets

Intranet applications ETSAB

Set of management applications and own services.


University intranet (UPC)


Student services portal, where you can manage your academic record.


Portal of services for the PDI related to the management of studies (Teaching Guide, Class lists, etc).


Portal for the PDI to access the electronic signature of documents.

Atenea - Virtual Campus

Teaching portal and space for interaction between students and teachers of the same subject. Ask your teacher if they will be using this communication system.

Atenea TFE - Virtual Campus of degree projects

Virtual platform to help manage the end of studies, bachelor's or master's degree projects.

Atenea PhD - Virtual Doctoral Campus

Portal of interrelation between students and professors of doctoral studies.

Recover / Change password

To solve incidents related to the username and password that facilitates the digital identity of the UPC.

e-ATIC - IT Service UPC

Information point on the services offered directly by the UPC, aimed at students, PDI and PAS.


Management system for maintenance incidents and real estate resources of the UPC.