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Doctoral thesis

Enrolment and thesis submission

NOTE: Consult in this link the exceptional measures to be able to read the thesis by videoconference, due to the health alarm COVID-19.


To proceed to the reading of a Doctoral Thesis, the circuit is the following, in the order indicated:

1. The doctoral student will deliver all the documents indicated below to the Doctorate Office("Documents to submit for the reading of the Thesis"), after having obtained the required authorizations. That is, when all the Academic Committee procedures and paperwork had been finalized. Some programs require that the doctoral student begin the paperwork two or three months before be able to enroll the thesis (next step). You should review the “Special requirements” listed below

2. We will do the enrolment of the thesis, after having reviewed the documents and having entered them into the academic computer system. We will notify the doctoral student when the enrolment had been done. (Please consult the Academic Calendar, below.)

3. The doctoral student pays the enrolment fee.

You can do it through your "e-Secretaria", by credit card, or by printing the enrolment form and presenting it in one of the bank offices that are specified on it.

4. The doctoral student sends a scanned proof of payment to the Doctorate Office, to this email address:

5. We send the thesis to the Doctoral School

6. The Doctoral School starts the procedure to approve both the reading and the Examination panel.

From this moment, it will be necessary to account for a minimum of 45 days, before the thesis defense. This account will stop if the Doctoral School finds any incidence with the thesis or the proposed examination panel. The reading date proposed will not be firm until the Doctoral School had formally approved the thesis reading.

7. The Doctoral School admits the Doctoral Thesis for defense and appoints the examination panel.

8. We make the official announcement of the reading day and send it by email to the Examination panel, the directors, the student, the coordinator of the program and the Doctoral School. In addition, we publish the reading notice on our website. Also, the Doctoral School publish the announcement in its website

9. We estimate and request the budget for the travel and accommodation expenses of the members of the Examination Panel who are residing outside Barcelona, up to a total of 300 euros, for the thesis without the "International doctor mention" mention and 600 euros for the thesis with this mention.

10. We make the travel and accommodation reservations of the Examination panel.
Since the travel reservations can not be initiated until the Doctoral School has approved the Examination panel and the budget, it is advisable not to schedule a reading date with little margin. The tickets purchased at short notice come out much more expensive. This can cause us not to have enough money to by the tickets.  It is advisable to estimate about TWO MONTHS from the submission of documentation (point 1) to the date of the reading of the thesis. (You can read a thesis within six months following its admission by the Doctoral School).

11. We make the reservation of the reading room and deliver the official forms to the members of the Examination panel.

12. After the reading, we deliver the minutes signed by Examination panel and other official documents to the Doctoral School. (If a member of the panel acts by videoconference, we need to wait until the original assessment certificate from that member – not by email- arrives at our Secretary).

13. The Doctoral School introduces the assessment of the thesis, in the academic computer system.

14. The doctoral student may apply for the Degree certificate, in our Doctorate Office, from the day on which the assessment of the thesis shows in his/her e-Secretary


Documents to be presented, for the reading of a Doctoral Thesis - General requirements

(It is necessary to consult also the "specific requirements” of the different Academic Committees. See below)

 All the official forms listed below can be found on the website of the Doctoral School


      • ADT - Authorization by the thesis supervisor for the submission of the defense proposal.

Signed by the supervisor or supervisors.   All signatures in the document, including the one from the external director, if applicable, must be originals (not scanned).

      • ADU  – Thesis quality report and authorization by the Academic Committee for its submission
        Signed by the head of the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program (The PhD Coordinator).

      • IE- External referee report
        "Referees" from two Phd experts, external to the UPC. Must be delivered with original signatures.
        (If requesting the "International doctor mention" mention, the experts must belong to an institution of higher education or research center not Spanish).


      • T- Proposal for the Appointment of the Examination Panel (proposed by the Supervisor and signed by the Coordinator of the PhD).

        It is necessary to complete all the information requested in the T form. For the Faculty of the UPC, it suffices to indicate only name and position.

        The Panel should be composed of 5 members +2 substitutes or by 3 members + 2 substitutes. (Substitutes members shall be written on the last two places of the T form).

        Most of members of the Examination panel (or most of the members that finally act, if a substitute member is required) have to be external to the UPC. Retired teachers of the UPC count, for this purpose, as internal members.

        The external experts who have made the reports, can be part of the Examination panel. The directors can not.

        Some members of the Panel (others than President or Secretary)  may act by videoconference (Skype) if the Academic Commission of the program authorizes so. This modality must be indicated at the T Form. In this case, the thesis’s qualification will not be incorporated into the student’s file, until we have received the assessment certificate, with original signature, from the remote member (it is not enough emailing the document).  Depending on the place of origin, it could take more than 20 days.

        All members need to have the academic degree of PhD. In addition, the ones from UPC need to have "accredited research experience", in accordance with the rules of the Doctoral School.

              (If you request the" international doctor mention", please see the requirements, below) 

      • Curriculum of each member of the tribunal not belonging to the UPC, in electronic format (pdf).

        A maximum of 400 words, each CV. Send them by e-mail to: Instead of sending a file, you can choose to send us the URL where the CV is published. In either of the two formats, it is necessary to ensure that the CV expressly remarks the status of PhD of the member of the Examination panel.


      • DAD - Doctoral Student Activity Report RD 99/2011

        Shall be signed in original by all the parties. (We will send copies of this report to the members of the Examination Panel).

      • TDX: Author statement for the incorporation of the thesis to theTDX

Check one of the given options


      • Complete doctoral thesis in PDF

        The thesis must be submitted in PDF, not protected, to facilitate its publication at the TDX. Only if it occupies more than 50 MB can be partitioned in different files (by sections, chapters, etc.). 

        It can be delivered  preferably, through any free web platform, to our email address: (As an example, you can use, which does not have the capacity limitations of the files sent by email. Furthermore, it lets you know when the file has been received  and is removed from the server in a week time).

        Please, consult the "Specific Requirements" section of this website, to learn if the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program requires a printed copy of the thesis or a CD-ROM for their own purposes.

        The doctoral thesis shall consist, of a minimum, of an introduction to the topic of study, the objectives to be achieved, a statement of the research as a fundamental part, the discussion of the results obtained, the conclusions and bibliography. (Item 10.1 of the Academic regulations for doctoral degree courses).

      • Summaries of the doctoral thesis, in electronic format Word 
        They should be submitted in one single "Word" file, one language after another, without using any template (to facilitate their re-copy to the specific application of thesis) with the same text as the summaries in paper, indicated below (Each abstract maximun 3950 characters, included spaces). Please send it to our email

        Important: Include in this file the title of the thesis written in lowercase letters, regardless of how you wrote it in the PDF file

      • Resum Tesi DOC  - Summaries of the thesis, on paper and signed in original (Enable the active content in the form)
        The abstracts must be in Catalan or Spanish and English; also, in the language of the thesis, if it is different from the previous ones. In separate documents (Max 3950 characters each summary). The same texts as in the electronic format indicated above.

        If you want to write and/or defend the thesis in a language other than Catalan, Spanish or English, you need the authorization of the Academic Committee of the program. If this is the case, ask us for the authorization form, at:

      • Photocopy of the DNI (Spanish) or passport in force (not a NIE). You should show us the original.

 NOTE: We will review  that the doctoral students had presented, at the beginning of their studies, all the documents necessary for admission to a doctoral program, duly legalized, if necessary. If there is any missed document, it must be provided at this time.


Article-based doctoral thesi

The Doctoral degree in Architectural Technology, Building Construction and Urbanism program allows to submit "article-based doctoral thesis"

Please consult here the specific regulations. 

Interested students should start the procedure by submitting  this Request to submit an article-based doctoral thesis


International doctor mention 

In case of requesting the “International doctor mention”, at least one doctor belonging to an institution of higher education or research, not Spanish, has to be part of the Examination Panel.

The responsible for the international stay (the person who signs the stay certificate) can not be a member of the Examination Panel.

And in addition to the documents listed above, the following ones are needed:

      •  MI - Doctorate mention - Application for the International Doctorate mention

      • AA- Approval and authorization for the International doctor mention mention

      • Certificate in support of the stay of research or studies

With original signature of the person responsible for the stay and with the institution’s letterhead or stamp. The certificate or certificates should justify a minimum of three months of stay, which could be interrupted.

In this case, one part of the thesis and, at a minimum, the summary and conclusions must be drawn up and exposed in one of the usual languages for scientific communication, in your field of knowledge.  The languages must be different from those that are official in Spain. This rule shall not apply if the research stay, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country.

Specific requirements of the different academic committees.

Some Doctoral Programs have established specific requirements on how to proceed. Regardless of this, all the documents listed above should be delivered to the Doctorate Office, before the registration of the thesis. You should be aware of the particularities of each program.


Doctoral degree in Architectural Design

Doctoral degree in Architectural, Building Construction and Urbanism Technology

Doctoral degree in Architectural, Civil and Urban Heritage and Refurbishment of Existing Buildings

Doctoral degree in Architecture, Energy and Environment

Doctoral degree in Theory and History of Architecture

Doctoral degree in Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation

Doctoral degree in Urbanism


To take into account:

In the event that there has been a change in the Supervisor of the thesis or the incorporation of a co-Supervisor, you will not be able to deposit the thesis, up to one year after the change or new assignment. The duration of the doctoral studies in RD 99/2011, is a maximum of three years, if it is full-time and the minimum is two, counted from the first enrollment until the day of the deposit.

Academic calendar 2019-20

The official starting date of each academic year is on October 1st and it finishes on September 30th

The academic calendars of the UPC or the ETSAB, establish that the following periods are not “academic days”. During these days will not be able to make deposits or readings of thesis:

Christmas  From  December 23, 2019 to January 3, 2020

Easter: From April 6 to 10, 2020

Summer: From August 1 to 31, 2020

Apart from the previous days, you should take into consideration the national and local holidays..



In July, you can make your thesis enrolment (see point 2) until the 23rd.  After this date, all the accepted documents will be processed in September.

In September, the last day to make the thesis enrolment is the 23rd.The ones delivered later will not be processed until October 1st (new course) and a new tuition fee will have to be paid.

In order to have the budget to manage the travel of the members of Examination panel, for the theses which have scheduled a reading date between 1 and 20 January, it is necessary that you had completed the procedure and had already been authorized the thesis reading by the Doctoral School, on 15th of December, maximum.

Programming the reading day

It is always convenient to consult with our Doctorate Office the suitability of the dates of reading. There may be circumstances that may prevent the reading on a given day.