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Participation requirements

50th Anniversary Polytechnic University of Catalonia · BarcelonaTech — Beyond the ETSAB Archive 1875–2025


  • To participate in ARCHIVE SERIES — 2, the second edition of the ETSAB Archive Writing Award, you must previously sign up by filling out this formaccepting the participation requirements listed and the UPC Basic data protection table for the treatment and protection of personal data
  • Once registered, you will receive the graphic material that constitutes a part of the collection of 40,000 glass plates kept in the ETSAB Architecture Archive and that collect the photographs of study tours oriented to the teaching of the history of architecture, carried out by the professors and students of the Barcelona School of Architecture between the years 1880 and 1920.
  • Each participant will opt to submit a single text, whatever category they choose (short writing / long writing).
  • The written submission must be an original work and it must not have been published in paper nor digital. It should have the following characteristics:
      1. The submission will be a MSWord document, or a 100% compatible text editor.
      2. It must include a heading that contains: the modality (student or professional), the category (long or short writing), the LEMA or pseudonym chosen and the graphic reference of the chosen image [FF.xxxxxx].
      3. In no case should an explicit reference to the author appear in the text.
      4. The text must also contain the image chosen by the author as leitmotiv, including its graphic reference [FF.xxxxxx].
      5. The file name will follow the next guideline, with MOTTO as the pseudonym chosen by the author: Graphic_code_ MOTTO_long_writing or Graphic code_ MOTTO_short_writing.
  • The document must be sent to this email:

    The email subject will be the name of the attached file. Only in the email text, the author will present the pseudonym used as the MOTTO for the competition. Authorship will never be disclosed in the attached file.
  • Submissions must be completed and received before 5 PM (GMT) on June 13 July 12, 2021 for the consideration of the Jury.
  • The ETSAB keeps the right to disseminate or publish in a book all the selected writings, including the winners, as a value for the scholarly acknowledgment of the photographic collection of the ETSAB Architecture Archive.
  • The winning texts will be published in digital and paper, and they will take part of the Mail Art initiative, collaborating with the partnerships by sending a postcard–image and text–, offering a circular return as conceptual artists used to do last century.
  • The ETSAB keeps the right to disqualify any participant who violates any of the requirements mentioned above.


 Collection — ARCHIVE SERIES — 2