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Master criteria

What kind of modifications can be requested

  • Change an elective course for another one.
  • Adding subjects.
  • Removal of subjects as long as it can be granted, respecting the UPC's and ETSAB's academic regulations (there is no refund of the registration fees -except during the registration modification period of the first semester-)


Resolution criteria of enrolment modification and subject renunciation

Applications for enrolment changes will be accepted provided that:

  • They are in accordance with the academic regulations for enrolment.
  • There is a vacancy in the group and subject requested.

Applications will be rejected if

  • Do not fulfil the above criteria.
  • They are presented after the established deadline.


How to make an application via e-secretaria

How to make an application related to the e-secretariat enrolment

Log on to e-secretaria.


  • Enrollment modification (to change a subject for another or to add new subjects). If you claim exceptional circumstances (work contract, illness...) you must present the documentation to the Etsab's Office within the deadline for the submission of applications so that it can be checked. Otherwise it cannot be taken in consideration.


  • Remove subjects (to request the cancellation of a subject without the right to a refund of the registration fee).

Outside the general deadlines for modifying enrolment, the application must be submitted through Other procedures.

Please remember that:

If multiple requests are made simultaneously on one application, it will be accepted if all the requested changes can be approved. Otherwise, it may be rejected in its entirety.

You can consult the resolution of the applications presented from the e-secretaria.