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COVID Measures



As a result of the new circumstances arising from the measures enacted by the Government on October 30 and instructions of the Director and the Manager of the UPC, and the Director of the ETSAB, and while there is no new instructions from health authorities to the contrary, at least during the month of November:

  • Still suspended face-to-face classes
  • Not authorized any meeting, class or any activity ETSAB more than six people

  • Study areas are not allowed anywhere on the premises

  • The reservation of study places in the Library is canceled, from Friday October 30. Libraries offer face-to-face loan service with prior reservation. See updated information on the web and social networks

  • School service schedules have been temporarily changed. Check out the web


Everyone is responsible for ensuring they meet the safety requirements before entering the School, so you must check that you do not have any of the symptoms or are in any of the situations described below:

1. You have symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Fever (above 37.5°C)
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat*
  • Runny nose*
  • Tiredness, muscle aches and/or a headache
  • Stomach ache with vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste

*Only if they appear in conjunction with any other symptom on the list.

2. You are isolating because you have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

3. You are waiting for the result of a PCR or other molecular diagnostic test.

4. You live with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

5. You are in preventive isolation because you have been identified as a close contact of someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

For further information:, or you can call the 061 SALUT Respon telephone number


If you are a student, check what face-to-face classes you have during the day and try to arrive early enough so as not to crowd the entrances. Avoid entering the campus if it is not strictly necessary. 

Check the messages you receive in your UPC student e-mail account every day, as well as ATENEA (the teaching platform) for each subject, in case there are any instructions in this regard. 

Remember to bring your own materials, your fully charged laptop/tablet and some headphones to class. We also recommend that you bring a portable charger and/or a 3- or 4-metre extension cable. 

Check the battery of your devices and laptop or tablet to ensure that they are charged enough for you to take the classes you have during the day. Not all classrooms have enough sockets to cover all needs. 

In addition, when you are required to connect to a streamed class from a classroom, you must disconnect from the EDUROAM WiFi service to facilitate data traffic.


The cafeteria is closed, so we recommend that you bring a bottle of water with you, as the fountains in the building must only be used to refill bottles, not to drink from, to prevent the spread of the virus.

You are allowed to eat and drink in the classroom so as to avoid going outside and crowding the corridors, but please take care not to dirty the classrooms and desks.

You should enter and leave the ETSAB via the main entrance on Avinguda Diagonal. You can also enter through the Library. Classrooms in the Coderch building will not be used this academic year until they have the necessary ventilation conditions.

You will find a number of clean points in the Segarra building.

Remember to always follow the signs in the School. Entering classrooms and shared facilities must always take place in a staggered manner. Avoid crowding.

Do not remain in corridors or shared facilities for longer than is strictly necessary.


A face mask must be worn at all times and for all activities carried out on campus and at the ETSAB, regardless of the physical distance between people.

Staff can ask for a face mask at the School's reception.

Students can ask for one at the ETSAB Library



During breaks, do not remain in corridors or shared facilities for longer than is strictly necessary.

If you have free time between classes, go outdoors and keep a safe interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres and your face mask on.

If there is no time between classes, you can eat and drink in the classroom.

Smoking is not allowed on ETSAB premises or at the entrances.

Classrooms and study rooms may not be used for studying. If you need a place to study, you can book a place at the Library: 

The reservation of study places in the Library is canceled, from Friday October 30. Libraries offer face-to-face loan service with prior reservation. See updated information on the web and social networks


The following services are open: the model laboratory; the Canon photocopier; academic management, mobility and educational cooperation agreements, research, ICT, financial and management services; and the Library as a place for individual work by prior appointment.

Consult office hours and contact details at

The cafeteria and the Ctrl+P printing laboratory are currently closed.

School service schedules have been temporarily changed. Check out the web


In the weeks in which there is teaching for first-year students, indoor classrooms in the Segarra building may not be booked for students in other years, but classrooms C-B1, C-B2, C-B3 and C-B4 can be reserved. In the case of itinerant (non-fixed) weeks for other years, the year of the week in question will take priority. Only in exceptional cases may empty classrooms be booked for other years, as long as they are available and the protocol for booking facilities is followed.

Outdoor teaching facilities enabled for this purpose may be booked following the same procedure as indoor facilities, without any restrictions other than those stated on the School's website and their availability. Facilities may not be booked continuously for several weeks or by the departmental units. The person in charge of the subject in question must book the facility and the School's management will decide who has priority.

Paralyzed reservations indoor and outdoor

When you enter a class you must use the hand sanitiser at the entrance.

Each classroom has a spray for surfaces and hands, and paper towels for cleaning the professor’s desk and computer.

Each classroom also has a rubbish bin.

Classroom furniture must not be moved. At the entrance to the classroom you will find a sheet of paper listing the classroom's characteristics.

The facilities' capacity must not be exceeded.

An interpersonal distance of 1.5 metres must be respected and no material of any kind may be shared.

You should always wear a face mask, except for drinking and eating.

The windows and doors of the classrooms must be kept open whenever possible; if it is not possible, professors are urged to leave the windows open between classes for ventilation.

It is important to keep track of the students who enter each class to make the traceability of potentially affected people more effective. Professors may take attendance through ATENEA.

Chalk and blackboard erasers must be disinfected and taken to reception. Professors can collect chalk and erasers from reception. After a class, they must return them to reception so that they can be disinfected


In face-to-face classes, teaching staff must take attendance. Students who are not officially enrolled may not participate in the subjects.

In the case of travelling by bus or for any group trip, you must have an accurate list of all the people involved—students and teaching staff—so that if someone is infected the process of tracing contacts and isolating and confining student groups as necessary can begin.

Student groups are bubble groups and they cannot be mixed. In the case of the second- to fifth-year workshop subjects Design and Urbanism, during this first semester, given the dearth of on-site activity, it will be enough to take attendance strictly.

Teaching in private facilities is prohibited, as it is in enclosed public spaces that do not comply with the health and capacity measures set by the health authorities and the UPC. If you have any questions, particularly in relation to the occupancy of enclosed spaces, please contact the School's management.

Outdoor classes involving teaching staff may take place with the same ratios set for the subject's training activities in indoor spaces (large, medium and small groups), with face masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing, always. If teaching staff are not involved, students must not meet in groups of more than 10 or the number stipulated by the competent authorities at any given moment.

In the event that a person from the School detects COVID-19 symptoms, they must inform 061/Salut Respon and the UPC's Occupational Health and Safety Service () or the COVID coordinator at the ETSAB ().

In the event that a member of staff is involved, the information will be passed on to the health area (ASPY Prevenció) of the UPC's Occupational Health and Safety Service ()


The protocol established by the health authorities can be consulted at|en)