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COVID Measures


The UPC has published the manager's instruction la manager's instruction  that includes the changes resulting from the publication on April 20, 2022 of Royal Decree 286/2022, of April 19, which modifies the mandatory use of the mask during the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19.

According to these Royal Decrees and instructions, the UPC, and in particular the ETSAB, are not included in the areas where the mask will continue to be mandatory (health centers, services and establishments, social-health centers, public transport) and the decision is left to the indications of the prevention services of the organizations according to the risk assessments carried out. The evaluations carried out by the Prevention Service of the UPC do not indicate specific preventive measures in relation to the obligatory use of masks in certain workstations. After analyzing the measures with the rest of the Public Universities of Catalonia, the Management of the UPC has drafted an internal instruction which, in summary, establishes the following provisions:

Mandatory Mask
- Shared use of an elevator
- Any positive person at any place and time
- Any person presenting symptoms compatible with COVID at any place and at any time.

Recommended Mask
- Situations where there is an accumulation of people and it is not possible to keep a permanent distance and ventilation is not optimal.

General advice
- Wear a mask just in case.
- The use of a mask is not prohibited.
- Do not encourage people to wear a mask voluntarily to take it off.

With regard to academic activities, masks are no longer compulsory for both students and faculty members of the School.