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ETSAB Master's degrees. COVID specific measures


ETSAB Master's degrees. COVID specific measures

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the ETSAB's master's degrees—the master's degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture-Barcelona (MBArch), the master's degree in Advanced Studies in Design-Barcelona (MBDesign UPC-UB) and the master's degree in Landscape Architecture (MBLandArch)—will be launched in an online format. We think it’s a great opportunity to reflect on new content and to advance in research and design techniques in an interactive manner, adjusting to different paces and needs, without giving up either the workshops or the visits, even if these take place online.

As soon as we are authorised to do so by the competent health authorities, we will also offer, to those who prefer it, face-to-face teaching, supporting practicals and design workshops especially. We will ensure that students can complete their degree just as well from their own city by maintaining the online format.

The teachers responsible for master's subjects may make specific reservations for the interior spaces that remain free, as long as it is not in the presence of the 1st year of the degrees. Outdoor classrooms, weather permitting, can be booked in any week

Space reservations can be made in Classrooms: equipament i reservations

TFM - Master's Thesis defenses are expected to be telematic until further notice.


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