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Partial recognition of studies from foreign schools of architecture - academic year 2021-22 -

These regulations, which are complementary to the General Academic Regulations of the UPC's Bachelor's and Master's Studies, regulate access to the Degree in Architecture Studies at the ETSAB by students who:

    1. Have started studies adapted to the EEES in the field of architecture in a foreign school and want to change them for the Degree in Architecture Studies at the ETSAB.
    2. Has started studies for the degree of Architecture (not for the degree) in a foreign school and wants to continue his studies in the ETSAB.
    3. Are in possession of the degree in Architecture issued abroad, has not simultaneously applied for its homologation to the Ministry of Education and wants to continue his studies in the ETSAB.

    Students may be admitted by this route if:

    • Are in a position to obtain the validation of a minimum of 30 ECTS.
    • The Director of ETSAB adopts the admission resolutions by this means, by delegation of the Rector and according to the proposal issued by the Validation Commission, formed by expert teachers in the different subjects of the study plan, which will be presided over by the Head of Studies or the Deputy Director to whom he or she delegates.
    • Applications must be admitted by the School in accordance with the number of places established and according to the following basic criteria: academic record and quality of the dossier of work; in order to establish an order of acceptance of applications, priority will be given to the fewest credits remaining to complete the studies.
    • The amount corresponding to the validation fee must be paid. The fee will be paid once all the documentation has been submitted and reviewed and is a necessary requirement for the initiation of the validation study and the processing of the dossier.
    • The formalisation of the registration by the student implies the acceptance of the validation proposal in the terms provided for in the resolution.
    • The school reserves the right to appoint the applicants for a personal interview or a test.

      Documentación required

    1. Application form 
    2. DNI / NIE / passport copy
    3. Official transcript of records issued by the home School. (*)
    4. Curriculum or table of contents, published and stamped by the home school. (*)
    5. Programme of the subjects passed integrated in the previous Plan or table, stamped by the home School (**)
    6. If you are a graduate, a copy of the degree or diploma.(*)
    7. Certificate of equivalence of average grades for university studies abroad, issued by the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. It can be processed online free of charge. More information on thel MECD website. The document must be signed.
    8. The application must include a link to a digital portfolio containing a selection of graphic academic work (drawings, design, urban planning).).

    All these documents must be official, original, issued by the competent authorities and legalized through diplomatic means.

    Students who have studied in a school in the EU must present the official, original documentation issued by the competent authorities, but they can skip the legalization process through diplomatic channels.

    Documents 3), 4) and 6) (*) must be accompanied by their official translation into Catalan or Spanish, if issued in another language. The programme of the courses (**) must also be accompanied by its translation, but in this case it is not necessarily official.

    The Commission will only evaluate the subjects that appear in the certificate as passed.

      How to submit the application and documentation?

    - An application must be submitted to UPC's electronic site 

    -Follow these attach the documentationn

    Please remember! It is very important to clearly indicate that you are interested in obtaining a place for the Degree in Architecture Studies at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona. The UPC registration staff will be able to forward your request more quickly to start processing it.

      Once the application has been submitted

    - The ETSAB Office will review the documentation, once the UPC register sends it to us.

    -  If the documentation is complete and correct, you will be informed about how to pay the fee for the validation study.

    - Admitted applicants will be informed about how to submit the original documentation before formalizing the registration, The registration can be formalized, on a date to be specified, from mid-September.

      Available places

    The number of places for admission to the Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Studies for the 2021-22 academic year is set at: 

    • 2 places for the first year (in concurrence with the applications for change of university and/or official Spanish university studies).
    • 2 places for the second year (in conjunction with applications to change university and/or official Spanish university studies).
    • 2 places for the third year (in conjunction with applications to change university and/or official Spanish university studies).
    • 4 places for the fourth year (in conjunction with applications to change university and/or official Spanish university studies).
    • 1 additional place for students with disabilities (in conjunction with applications to change university and/or official Spanish university studies).


    For the submission of applications: From 10 May until 23 June 2021
    For the resolution: September 2021
    For registration: 6th and 7th of September 2021 (according to the order of registration to be published in good time)


    Approved by Permanent Commission (Comision permanete) on June 12th, 2014
      Ratified by the School Board (Junta de Escuela) on June 26th, 2014
    Modified by the School Board (Junta de Escuela), on June 21st, 2016
    Last update June, 2021
    Aquesta traducció té caràcter informatiu. La versió oficial és el text en català de la normativa aprovada pels òrgans de govern de l’ETSAB.
    This translation has informative character. The official version is exclusively the text in Catalan of the approved regulations by the Governing Council of the ETSAB