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(Only for regular students. The incoming students can check this link out ).Specific enrolment regulation

Studies plan in Degree in Architecture Studies has an academic structure and curricular path planned for the horizontal evolution of students that take this Degree. 

As it's formulated in the document "Verification memory of title Degree in Architecture Studies by Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña" -Memoria de verificación del título de Grado en Estudios de Arquitectura por la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña- in the field 5.1.1 Studies plan description "… it is essential to equip the studies plan with a structure that solve in an integrated and consistent all learning-formation aspects and allow the student progress in a gradual way, from the beginning stage until the finishing moment of the Degree, that is the undertaking of the Degree's Final Thesis". 

Instruments that ensure the student progress through the study plan are the enrolment requirements in its different versions. Because of this, the verified studies plan define theses requirements in a general way. This regulation pretends to develop this point in a clear and understandable way for the students at the same  time collect specific points that Academic Regulation of Degree and Master Studies -Normativa Académica de Los Estudios de Grado y Máster- (from now on NAGRAMA) of the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña also regulate.

Therefore, the Studies Plan defines two kind of requirements:

1. Requirements between courses

Between the first grade and 2nd grade:    In order to enrol subjects from second grade, and whenever has finished the maximum places determined by NAGRAMA, it's necessary has approved 60 ECTS from the first grade.

Only For one time, it's possible to make an exception to this regulation according to the established in the field 2.5.2. Enrol from new course of NAGRAMA.

Students may enrol subjects from 2nd course if fulfill the following conditions:

      1. No declaration of being not Eligible in the Initial Stage. If the student after have been declared not eligible in the Intial Stage is authorized to carry out a semester or one more academic course to pass the IS, would not be able, in any case, to enrol subjects out of IS during that semester or academic year.
      2. Having a maximum of 18 ECTS left from IS between failed subjects, failed with qualification equal or higher to 4, not presented or not enrolled.
      3. Not having previously enrolled subjects out of IS.

In that case, and just once, the student may fulfill an enrolment that will contain:

  1. Compulsorily, all the remaining ECTS from IS that are failed or not presented. The student can decide enrolling or not those subjects qualified between 4 and 4,9, but, anyway, compute in the maximum of subjects to enroll. 
  2. Second year subjects, only if the following prerequisites are fulfilled:


 To enroll the subject:  Is necessary to have a minimum qualification of 4: 
Design I y II Drawing I, Drawing II, Basic Design I y Basic Design II
Urban Design I y II Basic Design I, Basic Design II, Drawing I y Drawing II
History I Bases Theory
Construction I Bases Technique
Conditioning and Services I Physics II and Basic Theory
Structures I Mathemátics I, Mathematics II, Physics I
Architectural Representation I i II Drawing I and Drawing II


    3. Between the subjects of IS and second course, the student may enrol a maximum of 48 ECTS in the case of full-time students and 36 ECTS in the case of part-time students. This maximum of credits makes reference to the annual enrolment.

    4. If from the requirements delimitation between subjects, the student's enrolment potential doesn't allow to reach to the maximum of 48 ECTS allowed, the enrolment could include an elective subject. In no other case, the enrolment could include subjects from superior courses than 2nd course.

    If a student fulfills the requirements between courses when finishing the evaluation of the subjects from the first semester, he/she may request, by the deadline set to it, an enrolment expansion with subjects of next course only if:

    1. Fulfills the requirements between subjects of the same designation of the previous course.
    2. Fulfills the requirements between subjects of the same designation of the same course.

      2. Requirements between subjects

      If the student wants to enrol a new subject, the student must have obtained a minimum qualification of 4 in the subject of the same designation of the previous course. 

      Moreover, between subjects of the same designation of the same course, there is a requirement as a co-requirement type. It means, it's possible to enroll the subject of second semester when the subject of the same designation of first semester has been previously enrolled in the previous year enrolment or both are enrolled simultaneously in the same enrolment process of one academic course. This co-requirement won't be applied between Architectural representation I and Architectural Representation II.

      The following graphics show the requirements and co-requirements between subjects.  



      Approved by Permanent Commission (Comision permanente) on June 12th, 2014
        Ratified by the School Board (Junta de Escuela) on June 26th, 2014
      Modified by the School Board (Junta de Escuela) on June 21st, 2016