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Subjects recognition

Subjects recognition in Degree in Architecture Studies at ETSAB is governed by the established in the Academic Regulations of the Degree and Master’s studies of UPC and its framework.


"Recognition is the acceptance, in an official study of the UPC, of the credits that have been obtained in an official learnings, in the same UPC or any other university, this is computed to the effect of obtaining an official title. This recognition implies the establishment of an equivalence in terms of a specifics and /or cross cutting competences and the workload for the student between subjects of studies plans conducive to to the obtaining of official titles.

The recognition shall always be made from the subjects studied in the origins studies, never from validated subjects, adapted or previously recognized."


Time periods:

The request may be submitted during the months of June, July and until September 3rd, 2021, such as established the academic schedule of the UPC for study plans with annual enrollment.

For new students who enrol in September, there will be a term of 3 working days after the enrolment date.



  • Submit an application through e-secretaria (Applications / Request).
  • Submit the following documents to e-secretaria.
    • Personal academic certification.
    • Studies plan and program of the subject published by the center of origin.
    • Annex to the request indicating the subjects that the student wants to recognize and the information of origin studies.
      In the case of the studies have been carried out in a foreign center, the documents must be accompanied by an official translation into Catalan or Spanish, and must be duly legalized by diplomatics way if it's appropriate.
    • If the studies of origin have been taken outside the Spanish state, the certificate of equivalence of university media notes in foreign centers issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport must be submitted. It is an online and free procedure. More information on the MECD website MECD(abrir en una ventana nueva)
    • Pay the tax for the study of subjects recognition foreseen in the Decree that establishes prizes for the provision of academic services of the Catalan public universities approved by the “Generalitat de Catalunya”.


Commission of recognition and validation of ETSAB will emit a conditional resolution that later have to be Ratified by the Commission of validations of the UPC:

Recognized subjects will be enrolled in the next enrollment period, this period will be established in ETSAB. Credit price in this case is fixed by the mentioned decree.

In case that already enrolled subjects are recognized, will be necessary to contact with e-secretaria to carry out the corresponding enrollment modification and process the request devolution of publics prices if it's appropriate.

If studies origin are extended and want to request more recognitions in further courses, will be necessary to follow once again the previous process (including the payment of the fee).



Last update March 2021