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MArqEtsaB Architecture master degree 

MArqEtsaB is the one yearlong Architecture Master degree that complements the degree formation and that is essential to practice the profession. There are three types of specialization: Theory and project, Urban design and Technology. Each one of these specialization means a theme intensification in the architecture field, while continuing to attend to the necessary comprehensive reading of the discipline.

This Master’s degree is designed to complete the high-quality subjects done during the Architecture degree with the own and enough ripeness valid to exercise the profession, that demands a high level of integrity and innovation abilities, emphasizing in the project elaboration, the technology and the urban design.

The educational model of both degrees, the architecture degree (GArqEtsaB) and the Master degree (MArqEtsaB), gathers a complete Architecture academic program, and helps the student in the regulated architectural profession. It's focused on the interdisciplinarity of the different subjects, reinforcing its transversal knowledge. Most of the subjects have a format with workshop groups, where cooperative activities are key to the development of a suitable critical reasoning for each subject. Aspects such as territorial ties, sustainability or social impact, amongst others, are issues that are necessary to promote and influence the role of the architect in our society, in the search for a more human environment and for the environment, a better quality of life.

In order to be admitted to this master's degree, that entitles to pursue the profession of Architect,  it is necessary to have previously passed the Degree in Architecture Studies (GArqEtsaB) or equivalent studies.