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Deposit and defense

The TFM will consist on the development, presentation and defense of an original work that must show intellectually maturity, critical spirit and use of the knowledge acquired in the program, accompanied by the descriptive, informative or arguments aspects of that contribution. Synthetic capacity will be especially valued by showing the specifically personal contribution in the subject addressed.

The documentation that must be submitted by the student to the Examination panel and all the documents submitted in the School secretary are:

A copy with DinA4 format with the following contents:

  1. Cover: Name of the Master and specialization line, if it’s necessary, full name of the student, academic course, title of the project and name of the project director
  2. Abstract with keywords (3 least)
  3. Introduction and general description of the developed subject
  4. Specific sections: aims, hypothesis, basic working method and studies conducted.
  5. Conclusions and obtained contributions.
  6. Bibliography.
  7. Required appendix for understanding and justification of the thesis.

The student must upload in the virtual campus (Atenea) the information described below: (the members of the panel and the director will have access to it)

  1. PDF format document of the Report described before depending on the TFM modality chosen.
  2. PPT format document or similar, of the presentation done in front of the examination panel.
  3. Project summary (DinA4 format)

If the university panel requires it, the student must provide as many paper copies as required, in the Secretary of the School were the defense takes place.

The School secretary will publish the deadline up to which the student has to upload that information in his/her virtual campus so the examination panel can get access to this information before the project defense. The student will submit in the ETSAB's Secretary, or via the resources that the UPC may enable, a copy of the final report in paper format which will be permanent kept. Only students who have formalized the submission of the final report in the School secretary within the established time frame for it, will be included in the certificate of the Defense of TFM

The TFM’s have to be published in open access deposit of academic Works UPC, prior authorization of the author, provided that this does not affect the possible confidentiality and/or industrial property associated with the work. To that purpose, the deposit of the paper copy maybe replaced by other media that enable the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.