Elective and Thematic Studio 2021 to 2024

Academic reformulation 2021-2024, approved by the School Board on February 3, 2021


TW - 1st s - Morning

  • LAC I - Laboratory of Architecture and Computation I (Computational Design) [Architecture and Environmental Emergency] — PDF - Video
    Academic staff: Relja Ferusic Manusev (PA) (co-coordinator), Carles Sala Roig (PA) (co-coordinator), Antoni Ortí Molons (TA) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: PDC - Protocols for Design and Computation
  • Hybrid public facilities. Wooden constructions in European urban centers [Architecture and Environmental Emergency]
    Academic staff: Oscar Linares (PA) (coordinator), Jordi Ros (PA), Isabel Bachs (TA) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Wooden constructions / Rehab/ Energy strategies
  • Public space as urban project [Architecture and Territory]
    Academic staff: Manuel Ruisánchez (DUOT) (co-coordinator), Olga Felip (PA) (co-coordinator), Ernest Redondo (RA) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Image tools in public space

TW - 1st s - Afternoon

  • Architecture and re-invention [Architecture and Reuse]
    Academic staff: Marta Domènech Rodríguez (PA) (coordinator), Ferran Grau (PA), Maria Montserrat Font Pernil (TA) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Introduction to analysis and design computational tools
  • TTAC1_Community architects_ chill (dren) house [Architecture and Community] — Web
    Academic staff: Ibon Bilbao (PA) (coordinator), Josep Bohigas (PA), Antonio Font (DUOT) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Play-able city
  • Urban Project and Landscape [Architecture and Territory]
    Academic staff: Marius Quintana (coordinator), 84h DPA (coordinator), José Manuel Toral, 84 h DPA, (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Urban Project and Landscape

TW - 2nd s - Morning

  • LAC II - Laboratory of Architecture and Computation II (Digital Fabrication) [Architecture and Environmental Emergency] — PDF
    Academic staff: Relja Ferusic Manusev (PA) (co-coordinator), Carles Sala Roig (PA) (co-coordinator), Antoni Ortí Molons (TA) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: SDF - Systems for Digital Fabrication
  • Urban regeneration and sustainable rehabilitation [Architecture and Reuse] — PDF
    Academic staff: Carles Crosas (DUOT) (co-coordinator), Oriol Cusidó (PA) (co-coordinator), Còssima Cornadó (TA). coordinatora del Seminari (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Regenerate to inhabit: concepts and instruments
  • Visiting [Architecture and Community]
    Academic staff: Convidat: Juan Carlos Arnuncio (coordinator), 84h (PA), 84h (PA) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Technology Seminar

TW - 2nd s - Afternoon

  • Contemporary Collective Housing: New ways of living [Architecture and Community] — PDF
    Academic staff: Jaime Coll (PA) (cursos 2021-24) (coordinator), Cristina Gamboa (PA) (curs 2021-22 i 23-24) + Pau Villalonga (curs 2022-23), Cristina Jover PA (cursos 2021-24) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Contemporany collective habitat: Diffuse housing
  • Infrastructure RRR [Architecture and Territory] — PDF
    Academic staff: Carme Ribas (PA) (co-coordinator), Ton Salvadó (PA) (co-coordinator), Eduard Miralles (PA) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: Infrastructure - building and recicling
  • Building in great city parks [Architecture and Territory]
    Academic staff: Ignacio Martínez Molina (PA) (co-coordinator), Ignacio López Alonso (PA) (co-coordinator), Joan Florit Femenias (DUOT) (studio+seminar)
    Seminar: The central park in the contemporary metropolis

  • Economic and Feasibility Analysis at the Service of Urban Planning and Architecture [5 ECTS]
  • Anthropology of the City and Habitat [5 ECTS]
  • Urban Notes [3 ECTS]
  • Architecture and Cinema [4 ECTS]
  • Architecture and the Material Project [3 ECTS]
  • Architecture and Politics [4 ECTS]
  • Interior Architecture [3 ECTS]
  • Urban Architecture. Historic City [4 ECTS]
  • Adaptive Architecture, Furniture and Design [4 ECTS]
  • Architecture, Sustainability and Energies [4 ECTS]
  • Metropolitan Barcelona: Open Data and Digital Cartographies [4 ECTS]
  • Walking Barcelona [5 ECTS]
  • Cities in History [4 ECTS]
  • Building with Memory [3 ECTS]
  • Acoustic Design of Architecture [3 ECTS]
  • Parametric Design with Mathematical Control, Using Generative Software [3 ECTS]
  • Designing, Calculating and Building in Timber - Vol I [4 ECTS]
  • Designing, Calculating and Building in Timber - Vol II [4 ECTS]
  • Designing for Climate Resilience [3 ECTS]
  • Documentation, Analysis and Interpretation of the Architectural Heritage. Architectural Surveying Techniques [3 ECTS]
  • Renewable Energies in Architecture [4 ECTS]
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures: Reticular Floor [3 ECTS]
  • Festival Llum BCN [3 ECTS]
  • Management and Creation of Innovative Companies in Architecture [3 ECTS]
  • Housing and Cooperation [5 ECTS]
  • History of Western Art I: from Giotto to Delacroix [3 ECTS]
  • History of Western Art II: from Courbet to Klein [3 ECTS]
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting [3 ECTS]
  • Innovations in Architecture and Technology [3 ECTS]
  • Intervention on Architectural Heritage [3 ECTS]
  • Introduction to Scenography [4 ECTS]
  • Josep Maria Jujol. Sustainable Architecture, Recycled Art [3 ECTS]
  • Modern Architecture in Spain. A Critical Insight [3 ECTS]
  • Mallorca Collage [4 ECTS]
  • Material, System, Prototype [5 ECTS]
  • Nordic Masters [5 ECTS]
  • Measuring Hadrian's Villa [4 ECTS]
  • To Look is to Project. The Architects and the Photography [5 ECTS]
  • New York-Barcelona: Urban Tissues Atlas [3 ECTS]
  • Architectural Heritage and Cultural Landscapes [3 ECTS]
  • Structure Planning. Its Design and Construction with Bim as a Support Tool [3 ECTS]
  • Architectural Design and Sustainability. Environmental Assessment within the Design Process [4 ECTS]
  • Recovery and Reprogramming of Obsolete Buildings and Urban Environments [3 ECTS]
  • Contemporary Collective Habitat Seminar: Diffuse Housing [3 ECTS]
  • Computational Design Protocols Seminar [3 ECTS]
  • Playable City Seminar [3 ECTS]
  • Wooden Constructions Seminar / Refurbishment / Energy Strategies [3 ECTS]
  • Representation and Data Management in Public Space Seminar [3 ECTS]
  • The Central Park in the Contemporary Metropolis Seminar [3 ECTS]
  • Infrastructure Seminar - Construction and Recycling [3 ECTS]
  • Introduction to Computational Analysis and Design Tools Seminar [3 ECTS]
  • Urban Design and Landscape Seminar [3 ECTS]
  • Regenerate to Inhabit Seminar: Concepts and Tools [3 ECTS]
  • Digital Fabrication Systems Seminar [3 ECTS]
  • Visiting Studio Seminar II [3 ECTS]
  • Ideation and Drawing Workshop. Visual Diary of a Creative Process [3 ECTS]
  • Wood Studio 1:1 Scale [5 ECTS]
  • Rehabilitation Techniques and Application [3 ECTS]
  • Low-Cost Technologies for Cooperation [5 ECTS]
  • Territory and Landscape [3 ECTS]
  • International Design Workshop [5 ECTS]

  • Contemporary Architecture. Study Tour
  • Architectures in Architectures
  • BIM for the Multidisciplinary Project
  • Design Competition as a Critical Thinking Tool
  • Public Space and Climate Emergency
  • Graphic Statics. Structural Design, Optimisation and Analysis
  • Town Planning in Practice. Processes, Procedures and Instruments
  • Promise, Talent and Construction
  • Retrofitting: Architecture, Energy and Health
  • Modelling Techniques and Digital Production for Constructive Solutions Development