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Third language

The mastery of a third language (not Spanish or Catalan) by the titled in Degrees of the Catalan Universities, in addition to be a regulation requirement according to the Law 2/2014 of 27 January of fiscal measures, administrative, financial and of the public sector, is a strategic objective in the scope of a construction of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) started with the will of promote the internationalization, the projection of the professional and the recognition of the research.


Competence and accreditation:

When the expedition of the tittle is requested, the graduated must have proved the competence in a third language with a level equivalent to B2.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


The Academic Regulations of the UPC establishes 4 ways to achieve the competence in a third language:
  1. Accrediting knowledge of a third language with a B2 level certificate (full level or B2.2) or a higher level of the Common European Framework of Reference (this is the only way for students entering the University from the 2018-19 year onwards) Acord CG/2021/01/39 per a l'ampliació dels supòsits d'exempció en l'acreditació de la competència en una tercera llengua entre els estudiants i les estudiants que han finalitzat els estudis de grau durant els cursos 2019-2020 i 2020-2021.

  2. Obtaining at least 9 ECTS corresponding to subjects taught entirely in a 3rd language.

  3. Preparing and defending the Degree's Final Thesis in a third language.

  4. Staying abroad at a foreign university or company in the framework of a mobility program or an educational cooperation agreement and have obtained a minimum of 9 ECTS.

The supporting documentation may be submitted:

  • In the moment of the first access enrollment to the University, providing original and a copy of the accreditation certificate.

  • If the level B2.2 is obtained throughout the studies then the original and a copy of the documentation may be submitted to the School Secretary at any time before the application of the expedition of the Degree's Tittle.


Recognition of elective subjects:

If the conditions established in the academic regulations of the UPC are fulfilled, and always that the competence in a third language has been previously, the credits recognition for the passing of courses or language's exams taken during the studies may be requested. The applications may be presented:

  • In any of the two period that the School fixes for each academic year (November and March) through e-secretaria. In parallel, the original and a copy of the supporting documentation must be provided to the School Secretary in the same period.

All the information updated about languages, accreditation ways, official exams and valid certificate to credit or submit recognitions, can be checked at the web portal of the Language services and resources at the UPC.


Last update July 2021