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Registered in the Registro de Universidades, Centros y Títulos(obriu en una finestra nova) (RUCT) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, by resolution of October 14, 2016, of the Secretaría General de Universidades, for which it is published the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of October 7, 216, which establishes the official nature of certain Master's degrees and their registration in the RUCT (BOE of October 16. 2016)

Master's track record December 2016

The master's degree begins with a compulsory common phase, with a total of 15 ECTS. For those students willing to obtain a specific specialisation, a minimum of 25 ECTS or 5 courses must be taken with a passing grade in that line. The remaining 5 ECTS can be spent in another course in the same specialisation line or in any other of the offered courses. In this case, the Graduate Final Project will follow the specific theme of the chosen specialty.

By binding recommendation of the Academic commission of the master's degree at the time of pre-registration, a student may follow a personalized and transversal itinerary with a total of 30 ECTS that constitute a compendium of subjects of the different lines of specialisation offered, in addition to the common phase and Graduate Final Project. In this case, after passing the Master's thesis, those students will obtain the master's degree without specialisation.

For the students admitted to study two specialisation lines, the Graduate Final Project will be also specific and adapted to their curricular itinerary.

The following scheme is organized differentiating the common phase, the different specialisation lines and the Graduate Final Project. The general scheme of the Master is the following: