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Enrolment process

2019-2020 Academic year

Before the enrolment

  • Check the academic information of the course for preparing the enrollment: calendar, offer of subjects, schedules, exams calendar and the teaching guide of the School website. Keep in mind that the enrollment of the master is annual and that you will have to enroll in the two semesters in september.

  • If you would like to apply for a fellowship, please follow the instructions explained in the fees, grants and aids section.

  • Check your enrollment capabilities (the offer of subjects you are able to enroll) through the e-secretaria since the 12th of September.

  • Consult the enrollment’s period assigned to every student from the 12th of September


If you plan to apply for one of the squares of the DMD Tongji program you must keep in mind that:
Academic conditions of this program set that the Master's Thesis must be enrolled during the second academic year, because it is defended on the return of the stay at Tongji University. Thus your registration at the month of September can't include the Master's Thesis. Do not enroll the Master's Thesis. If once the call is resolved, you don't obtain a square, an extraordinary term will be opened an you will be able to enrol your TFM before the second semester starts, in order to finish the MBArch normally.

If you have obtained a scholarship in your country which implies the fulfilment of specific academic conditions (overcoming of the master's degree in one academic year, do not suspend subjects or no enroll them more than once, etc) and which may entail the liquidation of the tuition to the UPC by an institution (Mescyt, Conacyt...), it will be necessary to present before the enrolment, a  certification, authorizing you to postpone the registration of the TFM one academic year. Otherwise you will not be qualified for this program. Please contact us before registering your TFM. If you register your Thesis on July and win a place in the program, you will be able to cancel the TFM registration without the right to refund the registration fees.

If you can get a MEC scholarship, you must keep in mind that to enjoy it, it is essential to register all the subjects of the Master, including the Master thesis in your September registration. If you choose to apply to a square of the DMD program, remember that you will must enroll the TFM for the second time the next course, paying the surcharge indicated in the public prices Decree.


f you have any questions regarding this program or want to ask us a question about your particular case, you can go to our secretariat or staff who will assist you at the time of registration.

Formalizing the enrollment

New students:

The first enrollment for new students must be a face-to-face process, so the assigned day the student has to be in the School for attending the enrollment process or instead, an authorized person that can make the process official. You can pick up the folder of the University (UPC) at the Caretaker's Office and then you can follow the signs.

  • It is necessary to provide us with the Master’s Degree documentation. You can check which are these documents at the Documentation of new access section, according to the University where you have taken the Degree that allows you to study this Master.

  • If you are eligible to receive aids or any kind of discount, the supporting documents must be submitted.

  • Completed debit order form of payment previously from the e-secretaria printed and signed by the holder and the student, in case that the student wants to pay it by direct debit or pay by instalments. The bank account can be shown as IBAN format of any country from the “SEPA” area. (European Payments Council)


Once this documentation has been checked, you could formalize for yourself the enrolment. When the enrolment is completed you will receive an email of confirmation.  We will give you the instructions at the moment to apply and pick up the “student card” of the UPC.


The rest of the students:

  • The enrolment has to be formalized by the internet using the e-secretaria.

  • If you are eligible to receive aids or any kind of discount, you will have to check that is still valid at the moment of enrolment in “e-secretaria”, and if it is necessary to update this supporting documents you will have to submit them before the 10th September at our Secretary Office.

  • You will be able to make the enrolment from the day and time shown at the Enrolment Order at any time and until the last day of enrolment.

  • The enrolment form could be checked or printed any time it is necessary using the e-secretaria.

  • If you prefer to pay "by cash” it is necessary to submit the enrolment form for paying at a bank office or paying it at e-secretaria by using credit or debit card. Remember that you have a 5 days term for doing it.

  • If you want to make direct debit payments, fractionated payment or if you want to apply for a fellowship, it is necessary to submit to our Office the order form of payment printed and signed by the holder and the student. Follow the instructions of the Servei de Gestió Acadèmica To do it, you must connect to your e-secretaria before the enrolment.

  • You can pick up the UPC folder at the Caretaker's Office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to If you prefer, you can contact us by calling: 93 401 63 59.


Last update in July 2019