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During the enrollment

Academic year 2021-22


You will complete the enrolment process online, via the e-secretaria. We calculate the order of registration according to your access mark.

If you were admitted conditionally to the Master because you hadn't graduated at the time, you won't be able to register if you don't show evidence that you have already graduated.

The system will make you choose the modality of studies to which you want to choose. Total dedication (studying the whole of the Master's in the time specified in the study plan - 1 year) or partial dedication (longer itinerary with enrolment conditions that you can consult in the regulations). Remember! Enrolment is annual, so you are registering for the whole course, not just the first semester.

The acronym of the subject corresponds to the specialty line and in the case of the elective courses it also indicates the semester of teaching. Please note that, in addition to following the advice given by the speciality coordinators:

  • to obtain the speciality you must enrol in a minimum of 5 optional subjects from the same speciality line in which you have been admitted and 1 sixth optional subject which may be from the same or a different line. If you choose to register the sixth optional subject of another line, check the timetable to ensure that the subjects registered do not overlap in time. Some specialites require students to enroll in a specific subject in order to obtain it. Check for the information about specialities.

  • if you have been admitted to attend a double speciality, you must choose in which of the specialities you are going to intensify, that is, in which of the two you will attend the compulsory subjects.
    To obtain the two specialities at the end of your training you must have passed a minimum of 5 optional subjects from each of the specialization line where you have been admitted and 2 more optional subjects that may be from these two lines or from others.
    Although it is recommended that you take one specialty in the first year and another in the following year, if your schedule is more convenient, you can take optional subjects in both specialties at the same time and register for them. Check the timetables to make sure that the subjects you have registered for do not overlap in time.

You will have to go forward through the different windows until you choose the form of payment: cash, direct debit or divided into 3 instalments. To make a direct debit or payment in instalments, you must have previously uploaded the SEPA order in the  e-secretaria and the Etsab Office must have previously validated it. From the final amount, the 300 euros you have paid previously, will have automatically be deducted. 


If you plan to apply for one of the spots in the DMD Tongji program you should also consider that:
The program's academic conditions establish that the Master's thesis must be registered during the second academic year, since it is defended when you return from your stay at Tongji University, so the registration that you formalize in September cannot include this subject. Do not register for the TFM. If, once the call for applications has been resolved, you have not obtained your admission, an extraordinary period will be opened for you to register at the beginning of the second semester in order to finish the MBArch normally. If you register in the month of September and then obtain a place, you may opt to cancel the TFM registration without the right to a refund of the registration fee.  
If you have obtained a scholarship in your country, which implies the fulfilment of specific academic conditions (passing the master's degree in one academic year, not failing or re-registering in any course, etc.) and which involves the payment of the enrolment fee to the UPC by another institution, you must present, prior to enrolment, a certificate of enrolment, authorising you to postpone the enrolment of the TFM for one academic year. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for this program. Please consult us before registering for your TFM.
If you are able to obtain a scholarship from the Ministry, you must take into consideration that in order to apply for it and depending on the academic conditions set by the scholarship announcement, it may be necessary to register all the subjects of the Master, including the Final Thesis in your first registration. If you apply for a spot in the DMD program and it is granted, you must register for the TFM a second time the following year, with the surcharge established in the public price decree. If you have any questions regarding this program or want to ask us about your particular case, please contact our Office.

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