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The regulations of permanence (point 6 of the Academic Regulations of the Degree and Master’s studies - Normativa Acadèmica dels Estudis de Grau i Màster - of the UPC) approved by the Board of Trustees in June the 11th, 2013, determines in its preamble the following:


"The University has the obligation to ensure the rational use of resources assigned by the society, the responsibility to guarantee an appropriate level of qualifications for the students and the requirement, as a public service has to satisfy, of ensuring access by as many students as possible. The university has to establish the instruments for assuming a proper performance and has to demand dedication enough and responsible use of means that have been made available."


In this sense, the school considers appropriate to apply a minimum performance of the first course of 15 ECTS. The affected students can reasonably justify, within the established term for this purpose, the non-application of this minimum performance. In this case, and only when the School accepts the student justifications, the resolution will be published with the new maximum period when the students will have to satisfy with the minimum credits of 15 ECTS.

In case of disengagement, and as the same regulations determined:


"The excluded student of University Master’s Studies can return after at least two years after the disengagement, and only with the prior authorization of Rector and if there is again an assigned placement."

Approved by the School Board (Junta d’Escola) the 23rd of June, 2015.
Modified by the School Board (Junta d’Escola) the 21st of June, 2016.
Aquesta traducció té caràcter informatiu. La versió oficial és el text en català de la normativa aprovada pels òrgans de govern de l’ETSAB.
This translation has informative character. The official version is exclusively the text in Catalan of the approved regulations by the Governing Council of the ETSAB