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Subjects recognition


The subject's recognition of the Master's degree in Landscape (MBLandArch) is ruled by the Academic Regulations of the Degree and Master's studies (Normativa Académica de los Estudios Grado y Máster) of the UPC and its reference framework. 

The recognition is the acceptance, (in an official study of the UPC), of the credits that have been taken in formal education, (in the UPC or in another university), which are computed in order to get the official titleThis recognition implies the establishment of an equivalence of specific and/or transversal competences and of workload for the student between subjects of director curriculums for the obtainment of official degrees

The recognition has to be always done based on the taken subjects in the official degree from the origin, not on validated subjects, previously adapted or recognized”. 

On that regulations, it is stipulated that the Final Master’s Thesis (Treball de Fi de Màster),as set out in the Royal Decree (Real decreto) 861/2010, cannot be recognized in any case, so the student hasto enrol and pass the corresponding credits which are established in the curriculum.

The general application criterion is described below: 

  • The recognition has to be always done based on the subjects taken in the official degree from the origin, not on validated subjects, previously adapted or recognized.
  • When the origin studies are official, the recognition subjects will maintain the rating granted on the origin studies and will compute in order to calculate the average grade of the track record.
  • The total number of credits which can be recognized of non-official university degrees (own titles) shall not exceed the 15% of total of credits of the curriculum. The recognition of these credits does not include the qualification so these grades are not included in the average grade of the academic transcript. For the recognition of credits of “own titles”, has to be an equivalence between subjects of both curriculums, regarding to the specific and/or transversal competences and to the workload for the student.
  • No recognitions can be made for a University Master program of credits taken in Degree studies or first cycle studies, if that belongs to the previous study planning, and not also of credits taken as free elective subjects of a first, second or first and second cycle.
  • Regardless of the number of credits which are the matter of recognition, to earn the right of getting the certificate issued of the Master of the UPC, a minimum of ECTS has to be enrolled and passed, which do not include recognized credits of another Degrees (with official or non-official origin), neither the accredited work experience. The minimum of credits needed to be overcome in Masters of 120 ECTS, is the 50% of credits of the degree,  so, in the case of this Master, the maximum number of credits that can be recognized are 60 ECTS.
  • The recognition will have the economic effects fixed annually by the decree that establishes prizes for the provision of academic services of the Catalan public universities.


The application should be submitted during June, July and until September 1st, 2023 as fixed by the academic calendar of the UPC for the curriculum with annual enrolment.


  1. Personal academic certificate
  2. Curriculum and Academic programs of the subjects published by the origin centre.
  3. An annex attached to the application form specifying the subjects that requires to be recognized and the information of origin studies.
  4. Pay the tax for the study of subjects recognition forseen in the Decree that establishes prizes for the provision of academic servicesof the Catalan ublic universities approved by the ''Generalitat de Catalunya''.

When the studies have been taken abroad, the documents must have attached an official translation to Catalan or Spanish, and appropriately authenticated diplomatically if necessary. 

The recognition subjects will be enrolled the next enrolment period established by the ETSAB. The credit prizes are fixed by the aforementioned Decree. 

In case of getting the recognition of subjects enrolled at that moment, the student should get in contact with the School secretary Office for making the needed Enrolment modifications and, if appropriate, to process the devolution of public prizes through

In the case of increasing the origin studies and the student wants to request more subject’s recognitions in subsequent courses, will be necessary to follow again the same procedure (including the tax for the study of subjects recognition). 

Approved by the School Board (Junta d’Escola) the 23rd of June, 2015
Modified by the School Board (Junta d’Escola) the 21st of June, 2016
Last update May 2023
Aquesta traducció té caràcter informatiu. La versió oficial és el text en català de la normativa aprovada pels òrgans de govern de l’ETSAB.
This translation has informative character. The official version is exclusively the text in Catalan of the approved regulations by the Governing Council of the ETSAB