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Access and admission


Admission to official doctoral programs is open to candidates that have previously acquired a level of training equivalent to an official university master’s degree, of a minimum of 60 ECTS*, provided that they have earned at least 300 ECTS over their official university level courses.

Also, is open to Spanish Architects and other Spanish degrees that have obtained the level 7 in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Also candidates who have obtained a “Research Proficiency” in the extinct curriculum regulated by Royal Decree 778/98.

* (The E.C.T.S. European Credit Transfer System, is a method to count and accumulate credits. E.C.T.S. is based on the student's workload including lectures, tutorials, seminars, private study - in the library or at home- and examinations or other assessment activities. One credit equals 25 hours of work)


Admission (pre-enrolment)

The applications for admission to our Doctoral programs are made through an on-line site. There, you should upload all the required documents and information before “sending” your application. 

In the section "University degrees" you must add the university degrees you have, but you must mark as "access degree", the one that has a master “degree level”.

You must fill in all the "Personal data", to be able to choose a PhD program, including an "Address during the academic year". Here you can click on the "copy details" button to copy your "usual home address", this will be enough for now.

<<Online admission form>>


Pre-enrolment dates

Preregistration is always open and applications are resolved periodically by the different academic committees, at their discretion. We are sorry we cannot guarantee a deadline

There will not be pre-enrolment procedures open for two different academic years, simultaneously. You can only select the course that is open at this time. If this course is not the one that interests you, please include a letter indicating the academic year for which the admission is requested

General procedure

You will have to:

  1. Register in the on-line site and fill in all the required information: identification, motivation, C.V., academic degrees
  2. Upload the following documents:
    • Your bachelor and master’s degrees
    • Academic transcripts (courses taken and marks obtained)
    • Syllabuses/curriculum of your degrees that indicate also your degrees’ intended duration and the courses’ names.
    • Curriculum that includes any research you have carried out and related publications.
    • Letter that indicates any scholarships or financial aid obtained.
    • Letter that explains how you intend to finance your doctoral studies, during the three years duration.
    • Letter indicating the academic year for which admission is requested

    • Other merits or information that you consider relevant. 

The degrees obtained at UPC should be indicated, but it is not necessary to upload any file. It is not necessary to translate into Spanish the documents written in English, French, Portuguese or Italian, unless we ask you to do so.


Note: Each Degree, certificate, syllabus, etc. should be uploaded in only ONE PDF (please don’t put several files for the same document)

If necessary, the Academic Committee would ask for additional information,; for example, a letter issued by your home university stating that the qualifications you are submitting entitles you to be admitted to PhD studies in that University’s Country. It is advisable to include this certificate if you have already one.

The academic documents should be legalised and translated, if necessary. An original or certified copy will have to be delivered, at the moment of enrolment (in case of admission). See the section on  legalisation of documents and qualifications).

Note: All documents must be uploaded in the pre-registration application. Files should NOT be sent by email. Attachments sent by email will be discarded

(Besides this general procedure, please consult the specific requirements indicated bellow).


Specific requirements and list of researchers

A part from the general procedure already indicated,  each program have its own specific requirements, as follows:

Doctoral degree in Architectural Design 

Doctoral degree in Architectural, Building Construction and Urbanism Technology

Doctoral degree in Architectural, Civil and Urban Heritage and Refurbishment of Existing Buildings

Doctoral degree in Architecture, Energy and Environment

Doctoral degree in Theory and History of Architecture

Doctoral degree in Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation

Doctoral degree in Urbanism


Status of the application and admission letter

The admitted candidates will receive an email. After that, the student can ask for an admission letter (if he/she needs it for visa, scholarships or other purposes). It can be requested at 

The only valid admission letter is the one issued by our Doctorate Office and signed by the program coordinator.  Letters signed by other academic staff will not have admission effects. 

The applicants not admitted will be also notified through a "comment" within the on line pre-enrolment site. In order to view the comments you need to click the program's name. At any moment you can view the "Status" of your application in the "Application" section of the on line program. Status as "Not confirmed" or "Rejected" means that you have not been admitted.

Remember that legalization of university qualifications issued outside Spain are required for non EU-member countries and should be accredited by the admitted students, at the moment of enrolment (originals or certified copies)

Degrees and documents legalisation


Other useful information


The UPC Doctoral School publishes all the information available on its website, which includes the offer of scholarships and predoctoral contracts, international mobility stays and grants for Industrial Doctorates.

You will find different calls and offers; each of them indicates the institution responsible and funding's source, the unit in charge of administrative management, the requirements and deadlines to apply, etc.

International Students

Information for international students: accommodation, legal status and more