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Title application(Doctoral Degree certification)

Title application(Doctoral Degree certification) 

You can apply for the title of Doctor after the Doctoral Thesis has been evaluated in your file and as long as you are up to date with all payments. Conditions that you can check in your e-Secretaria, before starting the procedure.

Also make sure to keep your email address updated on that platform.



 To start the procedure, just send by  the following information:

 1. Indicate: Students > Diploma/Title > Doctorat

  2. Attach DNI or Passport (Spanish nationality) or NIE or Passport (foreign nationality). This document will not be necessary if you have read the thesis recently and you know that we have this document still valid, which we will check. (In the case of Degrees prior to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) attach ID for Spaniards and Passport for foreigners.

  3. If necessary, indicate the spelling accents to add to the name. The names and surnames must appear in the title exactly the same as in the identity document, but you can add the spelling accents and the conjunctions “i” or “y” between the surnames, if you want them to appear in the Title and in the Supplement European to the title (SET) which accompanies it.

 4.If you do not need to carry out legalization procedures, but you want to get a CTT (certificate of title pending),You can request it through your e-Secretaria (application) indicating the language of the application (it can be in Catalan or Spanish). You will receive it by e-mail.


 5. Only if you will need to carry out legalization procedures for the academic documents, for it to take effect abroad, indicate:


a) If you have asked for an Official academic certificate. It can be requested through the e-Secretaria, paying the fee for isssuing academic certifies

b) Contact person: Name, telephone and email. Data of the person who will collect the certificates, when it is finished (either the doctoral student or another person). 

 Also, we will give you a CTT (certificate of title in process). It is a free certificate, provisionally substitute for the title, until it is issued. You will receive the CTT by email. To legalize it, the following special procedure must be followed:

  1. Send the CTT in digital format, to the following email address:, so that the legalization service can validate the signature
  2. Request an appointment to carry out the legalization process, through the following link: (Be sure that you have got the other certificates before asking for an appointment so that you can carry out all the document legalization procedures at the same time)
  3. Go to the legalization office the day and time indicated, with the CTT printed and duly identified. If a third person carries out the procedure, they must identify themselves properly and carry an original express authorization, as well as a copy of the identity document of the person concerned.


Subsequently, you will receive the title application form from our Doctorate Office




After having received the title application form (later one or two days),


A) Connect to the e-Secretaria to pay the fee for issuing the Title and the European Title Supplement (SET). 

IMPORTANT! Check that the data on the title application form is correct. If there is not ok, BEFORE PAYING, contact us at  


B) Connect to the UPC’S Electronic Register

  • Press the Tramita (Comunidad UPC) button
  • Identify yourself with the same username and password of the other UPC intranets and follow all the steps.
  • Fill in the application and attach the documents specified in the form

* Image of the valid identity document, on both sides

* Title application form revised and signed by hand or electronically

* Payment receipt, only in case you have paid the fee in cash at a bank (it is not necessary to attach it if you have paid it through e-Secretaria).

  • Sign and send the form you have generated.

You can download a receipt. If a receipt is not generated, it means that you have not completed the application and the title cannot be processed.

It is NOT necessary to communicate the correct completion of the procedure to our Doctoral Office.


Later, we will issue the Certificate of title and SET, you will receive an electronic notification to connect and download the file . This is the document that certifies your status as a doctor and grants you all the rights established in current legislation. It contains the information in three languages - Catalan, Spanish and English -. The final Title may take about a year or a year and a half to be issued.


Collecting or sending the Title certificate 


Legalization of academic documents

The procedure to be followed by people who want to legalize academic documents is indicated by the Servicio de Legalización de la Alta Inspección de Educación de la Delegación del Gobierno en Cataluña.

If a third person does the procedure, they must identify themselves and carry an express authorization, as well as an original and copy of the identity document of the person concerned