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Enrolment procedure

All the doctoral students should make each academic year his/her "self-enrolment" of the annual Tutorship, through the Electronic Secretary, called e-Secretaria.  (The "self-enrolment" functionality will be available only during the official period).   

The first step is going to the section  Enrolment > Self-enrolment. After enrolment, you can pay the amount in the section Forms and payments. Among other options, there will be the possibility of paying the fees by credit card. Please, consult the payment methods on this website.

IMPORTANT: Enroll only the TUTORSHIP (and Insurance if you wish). Students under 28 years of age have the compulsory insurance, which during the first year only covers benefits derived from school accidents, family misfortunes and obstetric injuries. Medical and pharmaceutical assistance is included after one year of contracting the insurance, counting from the date of registration. Students over that age don't have the insurance included in the enrolment, but they can take out voluntary accident insurance at the time of enrolment or at any other time.

If during the official period (see "Enrolment dates" below), the "self-enrolment" functionality is not available, it is probably something on your academic file that may have to be solved. Please, contact with ETSAB Doctoral Secretary's Office


The new doctoral students won't have the "self-enrolment" functionality available in the e-Secretaria until the "Commitment agreement between the doctoral student and thesis supervisor" has been processed. Please, use one of the following forms, abbreviated as CDDT or DDTE, as appropriate:

       CDDT: In case thesis director/s belong to the UPC.

       DDTE: In case any of the thesis director/s was external to the UPC.

Fill in Annex I only if your thesis director considers it appropriate. Fill in Annex II only if you are doing your studies within the framework of an Industrial Doctorate (in a company, with a public financial funding). Indicate whether you will be a full-time or part-time student, as agreed with your thesis director/s.



Enrolment dates, 2023-2024 academic year

From 25th September to 20th October 2023

Bridging courses. The doctoral student that must attend additional courses (in Masters’ subjects), will have to wait for the confirmation of the ETSAB Doctoral Secretary's Office. (Consult the Master's schedules on this website).

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e-Secretaria Access

In case that you forgot your credentials to access the student platform e-Secretaria, you can recover them here.

If you have other technical issues, please contact the ATIC Service (user support).