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international workshop TRANSYLVANIA

4-10 September 2023 | Dealu Frumos, Transylvania, Romania | apply before June 22
international workshop TRANSYLVANIA


participants: Universitatea de Arhitectură şi Urbanism "Ion Mincu" ETSAB UPC

10 places for ETSAB students : GArq (3rd-4th-5th year) + MArq

application deadline: June 22, 2023
send email to:              relint.etsab@upc.edu
message subject:        taller TRANSYLVANIA_NAME SURNAME
specifying:                    name | DNI | e-mail | current studies |
include links to CV + PDF portfolio (10 pages max). Do not send any attached files

Fee: 250 euros (1250 lei) per participant
Selected candidates must confirm their participation by paying the corresponding fee before July 7, 2023

This fee includes: trip costs from Bucharest to Dealu Frumos & acomodation and 3 meals a day during the workshop. (trip costs from Barcelona to Bucharest and further accomodation in Bucharest are to be covered by the participant).


The south-eastern Transylvania region in Romania currently has one of the highest numbers of existing fortified churches from the 13th to 16th centuries. It has more than 150 well preserved fortified churches of a great variety of architectural styles.
The Workshop aims to search architectural resilient solutions for the future of the Saxon fortified churches, that remained without the traditional communities who created and maintained them during centuries. The participants will work in teams of about 4-5 students, guided by the invited professors and specialists, debating the case of Dealu Frumos or of other fortified church among the visited examples.


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